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Jan 19, 2012 07:57 PM

tried Killer Shrimp on admiralty

price : quantity ratio, good

i remember thinking, in the old days when they were located on washington, that their food was terrific.
can't say that anymore.

the quality of the shrimp was ok.
shrimp, to my palate, somewhat overcooked.
the sauce had ancient, woody, dried rosemary floating in it.
the rice was horrid.
the bread scarcely better.

imho, this would be a good restaurant to frequent if you are on a low carb diet because the carbs here are not even tempting and, for the price, they are generous with the protein... . . .

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  1. yeah, gal, i also thought it wasn't as great as my memory from years before at their mini-mall washington blvd location.

    but it still kinda hits the spot though i still like the old room, and liked it much more when it was much smaller, if i'm not mistaken the new occupant on washington is aunt kizzy's back porch. (actually i really miss aunt kizzy's old location in the marina marketplace mall).

    1. We went when the first opened and had a pretty good experience. We then went back a month or two later and found the service to be awful and the food to have already taken a dive. The waitress forgot to put in our order and then lied when we called her on it. We had a pretty bad second experience there and are probably not going back any time soon.