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Jan 19, 2012 04:55 PM

Sunday brunch reservations for group of 8 - Boston/Brookline/Newton/Watertown ?


I'm looking for a place for Sunday breakfast/brunch (at 11 AM) that could handle a group of 8 people without too long a wait. I'm looking for something casual (along the lines of Zaftig's, or Deluxe Town/Station Diner) with good breakfast choices. Ideally, looking for somewhere that would accept reservations for a group of 8 people.

Ideal location would be Brookline, Brighton, Watertown, Newton.....but Cambridge, Belmont, Allston and other parts of Boston might be okay too. Somerville or Arlington could also work if there was something particularly good. Would prefer it to be car accessible, and it does not have to be T accessible.

Good pancakes would also be great.

Let me know if anyone has good ideas....thanks!

Dave MP

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  1. Fireplace Grill might work.

      1. Aquitaine at Chestnut Hill might work.

        1. I'd reco Henrietta's Table (brunch buffet) in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Sq. On the pricey side but well worth it in my opinion.

          1. If you like Zaftig's, the Natick restaurant may be less busy than the Brookline location.