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Sunday brunch reservations for group of 8 - Boston/Brookline/Newton/Watertown ?


I'm looking for a place for Sunday breakfast/brunch (at 11 AM) that could handle a group of 8 people without too long a wait. I'm looking for something casual (along the lines of Zaftig's, or Deluxe Town/Station Diner) with good breakfast choices. Ideally, looking for somewhere that would accept reservations for a group of 8 people.

Ideal location would be Brookline, Brighton, Watertown, Newton.....but Cambridge, Belmont, Allston and other parts of Boston might be okay too. Somerville or Arlington could also work if there was something particularly good. Would prefer it to be car accessible, and it does not have to be T accessible.

Good pancakes would also be great.

Let me know if anyone has good ideas....thanks!

Dave MP

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  1. Fireplace Grill might work.

      1. Aquitaine at Chestnut Hill might work.

        1. I'd reco Henrietta's Table (brunch buffet) in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Sq. On the pricey side but well worth it in my opinion.

          1. If you like Zaftig's, the Natick restaurant may be less busy than the Brookline location.

            1. Thanks all for the suggestions. The problem is that I'm looking for something less-high-end....really more of a breakfasty place (i.e. a diner). So while places like East Coast Grill, Blue Room, Henrietta's Table, etc. are all great, it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Although perhaps what I'm looking for (casual and inexpensive, but takes reservations) doesn't exist.

              How is the brunch at Casa de Pedro? I think it gets pretty meh reviews on this board, but haven't heard anything about the brunch. Especially curious about the cachapas.

              Dave MP

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                While I am not a fan of their dinner, you could do worse than the brunch/lunch offerings at The Cottage either in Chestnut Hill or Wellesley. I believe they take reservations.

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                  you could try Family Restaurant in Brookline Village - call and see if they'll reserve for 8, they do have the room and their breakfast is perfectly fine (definitely add the turkish bread if you go which is quite good) in the way of solid diner restaurants (head more towards the pancakes I would say).

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                  Casa de Pedro's brunch used to be much better prior to their move to their current locale. DH and I had it once after they moved and it was meh. That was a while ago though.

                  As to other Watertown brunch options, perhaps you can try calling The Spot Cafe. They may take reservations for large groups like yours. If not, you can call 10-15 minutes ahead, and they will put your name down, and/or let you know whether there are tables open. They have decent omelettes and fluffy pancakes. I haven't had their Belgian Waffles in a while, but they were always crisp on the outside with a slightly fluffy interior. Good luck with your search!

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                    The Spot is my favorite breakfast place but I don't see it as a "big group" place, particularly on a weekend. I don't know if I've ever seen parties larger than 4 there.

                    1. re: teezeetoo

                      It is true, in general, most groups I have seen at The Spot are no bigger than 4 people, but I have actually seen a group of 10 for a birthday celebration there. We had to wait for the waitresses to clear the table before we could be seated. We also often meet with other families there, so our group can be between 6-8 people (generally 4 adults and the rest are kids) and have been seated without problems within 20 minutes (on weekends, depending on time). Certainly it is not the most comfortable in terms of space sometimes. It depends on how they move the tables around, but if they can, The Spot will accommodate big group requests. Calling would be my strategy, but a backup plan will likely be required. I guess since there weren't too many recommendations that fit OP's criteria, I just threw in the suggestion for consideration. Hope to see you at The Spot sometime, teezeetoo.

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                        thank you for the clarification - i didn't know they would do that for groups and I very much agree with you on the quality of this place and also on the sweetness of the people who run it. Love the pancakes and love the bread.

                    2. re: Crazy Egg

                      Thanks for the tips. I think we're gonna go with Casa de Pedro, especially since i"m interested in trying the cachapas to see how they compare to the version at the place in West Roxbury. I'll report back!

                      Dave MP

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                        Reporting back - my plans changed slightly, and it was only 5 of us for brunch, so thanks to Crazy Egg and teezeetoo's recommendation, we went to The Spot. This was my first visit, though one of my dining companions had been there before - I really liked it, and it was exactly what we were looking for!

                        I had the french toast, which is made with small pieces of bread (homemade baguette), and I got some real maple syrup, too. Homefries were crisp and tasty, sausage links were fine, my dining companion's serving of turkey bacon was very generous. Others had the egg sandwich, eggs over medium, and a sandwich - and all seemed pleased. Our server was very helpful and friendly, and I noticed that she was great with other customers as well. So, overall, a very friendly place, and a very nice brunch experience!

                        Thanks for helping me find a new favorite brunch spot in Watertown!

                        Dave MP

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                          Were you all just leaving at around 12 or so and had a large table in a corner (by the wall next to the door)? After writing in this thread, my family and a friend with her daughter decided to go there for brunch/lunch yesterday after sledding. So we might have unknowingly crossed paths.
                          BTW, the server you had is one of the best servers there. Known her for a number of years and she is always smiling, polite and accommodating.
                          Glad you enjoyed the place!

                          1. re: Crazy Egg

                            Yes, that was us! Funny! And yes, the server was great - thanks again for the tip about this place!

                            Dave MP

                            1. re: Dave MP

                              thanks so much for reporting back and I'm so glad you liked the place. If they had those loungy boothes where you can sit over your newspaper for hours, I'd be there for breakfast every morning.

                              1. re: teezeetoo

                                Definitely! Wish they had more space to do that.....

                    3. Am I too late? In addition to The Fireplace in Brookline, there is also Lineage and Cognac Bistro.