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Jan 19, 2012 04:09 PM



I have heavy duty ribbed frying pan.I want to fry 2-3" thick rib eye.Outdoor cooker jsut bit the dust.
So I need some suggestions such as how long ,at what temp ect.

    1. Answers will depend on whether your pan is oven safe and what kind of interior doneness and exterior crust you're after. Can you clarify?

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        Yes ,thank you it would be a top of the stove thing .It is a typical fry pan.It just has a ribbed bottom. The pan is great for hamburgers and sausage but I have never done steak.

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          What is it make of? If it's cast iron, you can get it rocket hot, oil and season your steaks, and give them 3 mins per side if you like rare/medium rare.

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            Do you have an oven? Seriously, if your steaks are 2-3" thick, I'd roast them and/or broil them. Unless you're after a raw center, maybe. A grill pan is not suited to cooking thick steaks on stovetop alone.

            How do you like your steaks done? Rare and cool center, or pink and warm, etc?

            1. re: Bada Bing

              OK thanks I'm going to follow your advice.

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                Good luck. Though I'll add that Midlife's advice seems very solid to me, too, if your grill pan has an oven-safe handle. Indoors, my favorite way to cook steaks is to sear them in a cast iron pan and then finish them in an oven.

                With really thick steaks, it helps to bring them to room temp (if you have time) and sometimes even to wrap them in foil for 5 or more minutes after cooking, the better to slow the exterior cooking while allowing the interior to carry-over into your desired doneness.

        2. I'd suggest 3 or 4 minutes on each side on high heat, then put the pan in the oven, at about 350 degrees, for another 5 to 7 minutes. Then test it with your fingers for 'spring-back', or use an instant-read thermometer. That should almost do it at 2". I find that, at about 120 to 125 degrees you get pretty perfect medium-rare after it's been allowed to sit for 5 minutes or so.

          Very thick steaks are hard to to pan cook all the way on the stove top. By the time the inside is past raw, the outside is likely burnt.

          Just my $.02.

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