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Jan 19, 2012 04:08 PM

Large group dinner in Cambridge?

Hello! I am looking for a group dinner for probably 18 on a Thursday night (in May...around all the graduation times).

Would love:
$15-20/25 entrees
Local flavor
Good for a sit-down meal

Some people in the party can't eat really spicy food.

My biggest concern is capacity for that many. I'm hoping to seat everyone together, but 2 tables would be okay.


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  1. Rendezvous in Central Square might be able to fit your needs.

    Another idea is Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall

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    1. re: viperlush

      Cambridge Brewing is a great choice. They've got a ton of experience hosting groups and the owner is incredibly easy to work with.

    2. Changsho definitely does dinners that size. Not the best restaurant we have to offer, but not bad for classic Chinese American and who can say no to a big plate piled high with fried spring rolls?

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        My office had our Christmas party for about 30 at Changsho this year and I have to say, the food was dreadful. Well below "not the best." They served family style with platters on the lazy susans in the middle of 10 person tables. It was over an hour from when we got there to when they brought out some apps. The mains were the epitome of what people complain about as Americanized Chinese- gloppy sweet sauces, overbreaded meats and shrimps. Additionally, the managers were rude to members of our party when they tried to use chairs from a nearby table which was not in use. I don't know what the price was like, but I'd like to think you can do better. The only plus is the easy parking, which is honestly how I think they survive at all.

        1. re: Parsnipity

          Good to know--I went with a large group perhaps four years ago.

          Another option for a Thursday night *might be* Russell House Tavern if the OP reserves far in advance. They have lots of space in the lower level and perhaps would be willing to create a bigger table. Henrietta's Table is also a good suggestion, it even has a private room off to the side. Both are consistent and generally good.

      2. I agree with Rendezvous, or Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel - New England fare, accessible, large enough to accommodate you party and moderately priced.

        1. Some good recommendations so far. Area Four in Kendall will open up the Cafe area for a large group during dinner and their food is very good.

          1. I've done groups of 12-14 people at Mulan, Zoe's Chinese, and Ole Mexican Grill before. I've seen similarly sized groups at Russel House Tavern. I bet they all could accomodate 18 people on a Thursday, with ample notice, of course.