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Jan 19, 2012 03:44 PM

Snow treats.

Lots of pretty snow in Seattle and we are getting cabin fever. Any ideas on how I can put the snow to delicious use? (I know it's not the most sterile ingredient in the world, but whatever.)

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  1. as a kid, we made snow ice cream. Just add vanilla, sugar and milk to taste to a large container of snow(many recipes on google). Or you could just add the makings for margaritas, etc. and enjoy a lovely frozen drink without breaking out the blender :)

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    1. re: sherriberry

      Plus 1, on the adult beverage made with snow, Sweetpotater.... I am in West Seattle and similarly feeling a little cabin fever here.

      We made adult aspresso slushies this afternoon with espresso, kaluha, snow, and bailey's after a walk in the crunchy icey layer added this morning making the walk challenging. Very refreshing and revivifying!

    2. don't know if you're from the appropriate generation, but maple
      snow candy à la Little House in the Big Woods is always great when i want to take a trip down memory lane :)