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Jan 19, 2012 02:48 PM

KInda strange question - need help

My dear cousin has lived in Tastecake-less England for about 19 years now. I am going to see her in APril. I want to bring some to her. We are flying on British AIr from Philly and I had planned on putting several boxes in my luggage. I KNOW someone else has done this, ANy tips?

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  1. Check baggage weight limits. Might be easier to just ship them.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Got the limits thing covered. Taking an extra suitcase because of the extra krimpets:)

    2. I KNOW I am not the only one who has traveled with Tasteycakes. ANy tips??? PLEASE!

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        You may want to get one of those hard sided pieces of luggage (they have them pretty cheap at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and check it before the flight. The problem is that if you try to bring the items on board TSA may just comfescate themf (likely for their lunch) because the filling might be considered gel or something like that. And since it's an overseas flight there may even be more restrictions. I remember when we were flying outof Costa Rica they would not allow any beverages to be brought on board, even those purchased in the airport. But then again I flew home from Dallas last year with a whole pastry thing from a local bakery (with flilling) and nobody batted an eye.

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          I took some Krimpets to my Philly expat friends in Fairbanks years ago and WISH I had put them in a firmer box. Something corrugated for strength, like one of those USPS "if it fits, it ships" boxes.
          To preserve the TastyCake box, you could fold it flat and reassemble all once in the UK.

          1. Not sure what your concerns are. I agree w/those who said shipping would be easiest (and your cousin can have them more often that way), but if you want to bring them, just put them in a box or some kind of case that protects them so they don't get squished.

            1. Shipping is a horrible idea (no offense to anyone else here, but it really is.) It will almost certainly be cheaper to pay to check an extra bag than to ship a large box overseas.
              I travel regularly between Spain and the US and always carry food, both checked and carry on. TSA won't take your Tastykakes if you carry on. If you check them I suggest packing them using small, strong (corrugated, as mentioned above, not the flimsy tastykake box) cardboard boxes packed in the middle of your bags, with clothes for padding on all sides. You'll be fine with that. I've never had a shoe box crushed so badly that the contents were damaged.
              I've also had success with tupperware and other plastic containers.

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                Thanks so much! I will repack the goodies:)