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Jan 19, 2012 02:47 PM

Great sushi last night

4/5 Stars...Holy cow! Had my first (and not last) experience last night. Sushi was heavenly. I have eaten at many many sushi bars in L.A., but this one would rank right at the top. Delicious, fresh and bountiful. Chef couldn't have been nicer. Didn't care in the least that the decor was minimal or the fact we were the only ones sitting at the bar. So you ask why only 4 stars, it's the price. Of course being omakase, one doesn't know the price. We just ate and enjoyed. Well, the cost was $228, before tip and without any alcohol. So would I go back, absolutely, just not as often as I want to.

1712 Victory Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201

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  1. i LOVE Nishi-Ya... i think the smoked salmon is my favorite piece but hard to say :)

    1. I agree. Great place.

      1. how many people was the 228 tab for? one person? two people? or three people? if for two or three people, it's not terrible for quality sushi pricing.

        i went once a few years back. and it was good, though not as good in my opinion or even close to Zo (which i don't go to any longer) nor hiko.

        but it is expensive like the others, i think it was close to one hundred per when i went there. but for the same style of sushi, Zo is eons better.

        What do the rest of you guys think that have gone to Nishi-ya, Echigo, Zo, Hiko, Nozawa, and Sushi Wasabi, all of which are in the same vein/style/mimic of what Nozawa started way back in the mid to late 1980s.???

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          i've only been to Zo & Nishi-Ya from your list and i can't tell you which i like better, only that they're both different and i love them both. Zo is pricier than Nishi-Ya, and i like the comfort of Nishi-ya as i know what to expect there- pretty much the same routine and i love every piece of it.

          1. re: kevin

            Our dinner for $228 was 2 people. I've been to Zo a couple of times. First time was great and then returned about a year later. We were completely ignored, so we got up and left. Ouch!

            1. re: xoxohh

              So on your second time at Zo, you didn't actually eat there?

              As far as being ignored, it defintiely makes sense with Zo.

              1. re: kevin

                No, we did not stay to eat. I am usually cool with being ignored, but this was taken to a new level. I knew if we stayed I would have hated every minute, so we left. I am sure the sushi would have been good, but there is more to an evening out than the food itself.