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Jan 19, 2012 02:20 PM

CRISPY pan fried oysters in the PDX area......

If anyone knows of a restaurant in the Portland, OR area that serves these...please let me know....Thank You!

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  1. - Pearl District

    I've had them several times and like them a lot. Worth a shot.

    1. I love the ones at Sunshine Tavern - great as an app, a sandwich, an entree - and they do a hangtown fry frittatta at weekend brunch that is awesome (with crispy fried oysters on top of the frittatta instead of inside it).

      The whole menu is great, including the steak & fries and the pizzas, but you asked about oysters...

      1. I live in Vancouver. Lapellah has great crispy deep fried oysters. They do pan fried too sometimes.