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Jan 19, 2012 02:10 PM

The Toaster Oven - new sandwich shop in Berkeley, on Telegraph

I was strolling down Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley yesterday and passed The Toaster Oven, a new sandwich shop with a crushing mass of students inside. The decor and vibe reminded me of my favorite sandwich store ever (Potbelly's, in Chicago), so I had to try it out. The line was very long but, as advertised in the store, it moved quickly. I got a BBQ chicken sandwich with the works (if I recall correctly this included tomatos, lettuce, onions, pickles and - crucially - hot peppers). It was really good!

The store has a prime location, just next to the university. A woman who worked there said they opened on Monday, though a bit of googling reveals they have three preexisting locations in San Francisco. Highly recommended.

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  1. It's a small chain. I've eaten at the one on 2nd St in SF SOMA. It seemed to be a bit pricey for student fare but it was 2 years ago when I ate there. I don't recall much except I never went back.

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      >It seemed to be a bit pricey for student fare
      according to the WOB page, they are like $5 sandos. somewhat interesting the Berkeley prices are 8-10% lower than SF downtown prices. again, that is web page not store.

      1. re: psb

        From what I recall the pricing was similar to a Subway in structure..small sammies were with in reasonable but if you go larger and add the drink, it gets up there, like $8-9 bucks. Perhaps I'm totally out of the loop on student pricing but you either need to get a pile of food or get the sammie and drink for around $5 bucks. Perhaps the Berkeley store has a lunch special, that would make sense.

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          Hmmm. I appear to have paid $5.43 for my food, which works out to exactly $5 (assuming 8.75% sales tax). The sandwich was not enormous -- I think there's little doubt that you get more bang for your buck with Subway's much-hyped $5 foot-long -- but the price is comparable to the Chipotle just down the street, and unless you're going for banh mi I think it's hard to find even a quick casual sandwich around Berkeley for less. Got any recs?

          1. re: adk

            Lee's sandwich on Shattuck. I don't know how they compare to the SF branches but they're really inexpensive and HUGE.

            Example: I had the turkey club for $5.40 (?) and it was a roasted turkey. Ate half for lunch and half for dinner. Other basic sammies are usually around $4 bucks. I think they also include tax in the price. The Ruben and hot pastrami are also good deals.

            p.s. you can ask for the bread toasted.

            1. re: adk

              Lee's Shattuck, Turkey Sandwich,fresh oven-roasted turkey(not that thin sliced deli crap) $4.75

      2. It's a good 10-15 min walk from Downtown Berkeley Bart.

        Order a sandwich a person gets it started & puts it in the toaster oven, then go up a bit to another person that fills the sandwich with toppings, then pay. Credit cards taken.

        I picked Kitchen Sink on wheat $4.99. It's not a big sandwich but they cut it in half, so if you have a friend have them get something else & share a 1/2. A. got the Piezzano on white $4.99. I thought the meat was skimpy in both & drippy. Piezzano was a tiny bit better, but not by much.

        Milkshakes are $3.29 - I didn't get.

        Seating is counter only. Need a key for the bathroom - I didn't use it.

        Not worth a special trip, but better than Chipotle or Subway, both nearby.

        Open Daily: 10:30a-10p

        Tip: Cal students w/ ID that buy a sandwich get a FREE fountain drink or bottled water during the month of January 2012!