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Jan 19, 2012 01:53 PM

Kosh in Stamford, Connecticut

Anyone been? Anyone have first- or second-hand reviews?

Hoping to go Saturday night. Thanks.

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  1. The reviews on look good -

    1. There last week with friends. Ran about $50 per head for dinner. Very ordinary food. Wife had Chicken matzo Ball soup that had one tiny matzo ball the size of a quarter. Deli was just blah/mild.
      Don't expect to go back, friends didn't want to travel into NYC to eat. Consensus was, we tried it, but non of the 4 couples will plan a return visit.

      1. Been there twice on Saurday nights. Nice sports bar decor, packed house both visits. Had the
        beer-battered deep-fried pickles- surprisingly tasty, but then again, anytime you throw something in the deep fryer, results will generally be pretty good. Signature burger was moist, nice size, and covered with smoked meat, a nice touch. Similar in concept if not quite as tasty as a Bay-Ken burger in Chicago. Next visit started with fairly beefy chili, then moved on to
        three kinds of wings, which were excellent. Had the bourbon, sticky, and oriental BBQ wings, and all were really flavorful, though "oriental' were my favorite. Dessert was bananas "singapore", again, excellent if not particularly healthy. Plus, bar throws together some nice drinks, decent wine options, and fairly quick service when we were there.
        The one drawback to our visits was their tofu/veg dishes- a salad the 1st time, a pasta the next, but A. there's not THAT much you can do with that tofu, and B. if you're looking for a tofu dish, Kosh may not be the place to do it. All in all, thumbs up.

        1. I've had food from Kosh three times now, once in the restaurant for dinner, once at the bar to watch a football game and once did takeout. I've had a burger, chicken wings, deep fried pickle, and the Joe Lieberman deli sandwich. I thought the food was delicious, though the wings weren't quite spicy enough for my taste. Their Montreal smoked meat and fake bacon are home made and truly worth travelling for. I heard from those who tried the meat entrees (specifically the steaks and the stuffed veal) that they were excellent. My kids have had their hotdog and chicken fingers (and some of our sandwiches and burgers) and loved it all. I did hear some negative feedback on some of their chicken and vegetarian options though. All that being said, they're new, this is technically their soft opening period and I think they're still working through a lot of kinks - particularly in their service. For those who had a negative experience, I would strongly encourage you to give them time and another try. Let them work through the kinks, tighten up service, tighten up their menu, etc. Some of us live in Stamford and will go regardless, but this place place really does aim to be a top class restaurant - give them the time to get there. Don't let that stop you from going now. As I said, the food I've had is great.

          1. My wife and I went this past Saturday night. The place was crowded. Judging by the license plates in the parking lot, looked mostly like Connecticuters, rather than people from NY. In speaking with the owner/manager (?), they have been getting plenty of people from Westchester, and hope to continue doing so.

            My wife and I shared the faux crab cakes and the tarte flambe as appetizers. Both were very good. I especially like the crab cakes (I didn't ask if they were made with the fake crab that we buy in the market or Old Bay Seasoning). My wife enjoy the tarte flambe, especially the pareve creme fraiche and the laffa it comes on.

            I had the chicken jambalya and my wife had the lamb kebab. The jambalya was good - a little too ketchupy. I have never had it before, so I don't know how it tastes relative to other options. My wife's lamb was good except for one or two pieces of lamb which were a little fatty.

            For dessert, we had a chocolate brownie. It was just a brownie. For the price and for aesthetic reasons, I thought it needed something more. Maybe mint or vanilla ice cream.

            Overall, we enjoyed it. The service could use a little practice. As they are open longer, hopefully they'll work out the kinks. I look forward to going back again.

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              I plan on going there this shabbos night. My daughter lives in Stamford. This is really big, since they really had NOTHING there.

              Maybe a pizza store in the near future?