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Jan 19, 2012 01:23 PM

Where should I have lunch in little Tokyo?

Open to anything around $20

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  1. Sashimi Lunch Special at Sushi Gen.

    Shredded Pork Bowl at Daikokuya.

    Burger at Lazy Ox.

    Sausages & Fries (Beer) at nearby Wurstkuche.

    1. For Sushi Gen get there early. There's a line.

      Daikokuya isn't universally loved. OK but not great in my opinion. Like the fake postwar decor, though.

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        Re Daikokuya, I don't love it for their Ramen but, do for the above mentioned pork bowl.

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          i love the shredded pork bowl (small size, please!) @ Daikokuya. Delish! Unfortunately, I have not been able to wait the line out the last 3x I was in the neighborhood. :(

          I can also recommend Fat Spoon (house-made curry, pasta & salad) a couple of doors east of Daikokuya.

          327 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

          Fat Spoon
          329 E 1st St, Los Angeles, CA

      2. The bahn mi at spice table

        1. I second all the places that others have mentioned, except I go to Hama Sushi instead of Sushi Gen. It's almost entirely sushi bar seating. They have delicious unagi that is actually heated until the edges are crisp, and spicy tuna handrolls that (or spicy salmon, or spicy yellowtail).

          If you feel more like sushi rolls - Sushi Enya has a big variety and they give you a lot of pieces.

          Chin Ma Ya has a yummy tan tan men ramen.

          Shabu Shabu House is good too, though there will likely be a wait.

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            I went to China Ma Ya for lunch because I had jury duty and I thought it was one of the worse bowls of ramen I've had in a long time. Their tan tan men smells and taste like they put peanut butter in it which I assume is tahini as the source of nuttiness.

            The saving grace of my meal there was the chicken kara-age which surprisingly was pretty good. I'd probably skip the ramen and go for the rice bowls instead.

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              Chin Ma Ya's tan tan men does have sesame in it as it is a Japanese version of a Chinese noodle dish (dan dan mien). I personally love the mix of sesame and chili in the ramen.