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Jun 12, 2006 07:00 PM

Taylor Ham

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Is it still available at the butcher in the old Farmers Market at Fairfax and 3rd?

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  1. Sure is. I just bought it from them a few weeks ago. Marconda's Meats is the name of the butcher, I believe.

    1. Don't know if it's "Taylors" ham, but the Marconda(?)
      butcher shop, which took over from Tusquella's, who had run the butcher shop for years, still
      sells the same type ham as did Tusquella's....we had it this last Easter and it was as tasty as ever.

      1. I just noticed they sell it at Bristol Farms on Doheney and Beverly. But $8 for a one pound roll?!

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        1. re: 2chez mike

          It costs $7 in New Jersey... so that's not bad At All.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Oh well. It's a treat worthy of a splurge.

          2. re: 2chez mike

            At Marconda's we get the full shank....What's a full pound roll??($8.00)

          3. A one pound mini version. Fully wrapped in cloth.