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Jan 19, 2012 12:50 PM

Bombay Grill: Terrific Buffet in New City

If you haven't tried Bombay Grill in New City (Rockland County) you are in for a treat. I have sampled scores of Indian buffets over the years and can categorically claim this one as The Best. A restaurant has to be more than good to draw me over the Tappen Zee bridge from Dobbs Ferry for lunch, but Bombay Grill has been doing that weekly. The T-Fri buffet ($9.95) has a terrific salad bar with trimmings that include house made humas (I really love their humas). There are about half a dozen chicken dishes and many, many vegetarian curries plus two desserts. Freshly made nan and dosas are brought to table. All top quality, but the most memorable is the Butter Chicken which is unusually delicious. On weekends I'm told there is a $12.95 buffet that includes wine and beef dishes.
Rockland is becoming quite a vegetarian draw these days. Veggie Heaven, Chick Peace, Main Essentials and now Bombay Grill. All are terrific but I must say that Bombay Grill gets the nod for sheer variety and value. A big winner!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't checked this out, but my vote for booth best buffet and best all-round Indian in Rockland is Karavalli on Route 59 in Nanuet, which also has great veg options.

    Note that Chick Peace is not vegetarian, although a vegetarian, or a vegan for that matter, can do quite well there. And then there's Caribreeze in Spring Valley, although I haven't heard much about it lately. Anyone know if it's still open?

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      Yes, I was at Carabreeze a few weeks ago and it is still open. Pure vegan dishes and huge menu, but Main Essentials is much, much tastier.
      The problem with Main Essentials is that the portion size is often skimpy and varies considerably with server. I sometimes leave hungry, especially if Reality is out and one of the helpers does the serving.

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