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Jan 19, 2012 12:48 PM

Need a rec for Italian (and maybe others...) for 3rd trip to Vegas

We're officially heading back to Vegas for our third trip, and now I get to do the fun part of planning the meals, especially the three dinners. We've got to do Craftsteak because it's my husband's favourite. For our second meal I'm leaning towards Jaleo, because the menu seems an interesting mix of traditional and inventive and I don't have a lot of experience with tapas but we enjoyed Julian Serrano last time. I need a suggestion for the last night, ideally Italian. On our last trip we went to Bartolotto and loved it, but would like to try something different (and ideally less seafood oriented). Other places we've enjoyed in the past: loved American Fish, really liked Nob Hill, Daniel Bouloud, and Bradley Ogden.

What do you think? I keep coming back to B&B but I also keep reading mixed reviews. I also very much like the looks of Sirio, plus we're staying in the Aria so that would be convenient. I'm also open to any other suggestions (for example we tend to go light on breakfast/lunch but we are definitely making it out to Bouchard this time) although I'd like to keep it on the strip.


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  1. We have only been there once, but my wife and I loved Scott Conant's Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan. The food was excellent, the service was among the best we have had and the view of the fountains at Bellagio were an added plus!

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      i thought scarpetta was good, but i don't think i'd say "excellent". jaleo was excellent.

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        Was Scarpetta the best Italian meal I've ever had outside Italy? No. But "good" seems like "damning with faint praise," and I thought it was a damned sight better than that . We had a great meal there -- far better than B&B . . .

        Then again, as with all matters of taste, YMMV is the rule . . .