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Jan 19, 2012 12:31 PM

Baba Market in Malden

Has anyone else been to the new Baba Supermarket in Malden? It's on Pleasant St. near city hall. I've gone in three times now. The felafel sandwiches are great. A good felafel is something that has been missing in downtown Malden. Even better than the sandwiches are the groceries though. It's a near eastern market, and I've found all sorts of specialty items there - bulk olives, couscous, dried beans and lentils, coffees and teas, packaged sweets. They are also selling meat and breads, although I haven't tried these yet.

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  1. I am happy to see Baba open in Malden. I first met the owner of Baba Supermarket at a shop in Haymarket and fell in love with the place for the tasty meals, low prices, and friendly workers. I was sad when I went one day and he was gone, but was happy to hear that he was opening a new shop in Malden and was anxious for it to open. The falafel and other meals are still good and at a good price. The spicy olives have a lemon zing and also better quality and less expensive than Stop 'n Shop. Try the soup! He's quick to give a sample. I will be a regular there and plan on using the butcher shop to make goat curry.

    1. Went here for lunch today. Daily specials were chicken legs or lamb, I opted for the lamb. A huge portion of rice, not a ton of lamb but a reasonable amount for the price, I think. The lamb was very tender and peppery and was stewed with peas and artichoke hearts (I thought they were potatoes at first, they were so big).

      Also got a container of seafood chowder and a meat-filled bread thing. Wasn't crazy about the chowder but the bread thing was AWESOME. Chewy and savory, kind of like a scallion pancake but filled with ground beef and sauteed onions. They have it available without the meat, too.

      Price was $16 for enough food to feed two hungry people. The owners are very, very nice. The shop is a bit cramped - there are aisles full of groceries, you walk to the back to get your food and then carry it back up front to pay. There are a couple of tiny tables that I've seen people eating at on every visit but I think most of their business is carry-out.

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