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Thoughts on the Coke Freestyle fountain machines?

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Went to Firehouse Subs with some folks from work for lunch today, and they had the new Coke Freestyle machine.

To be honest, I'd be much happier with a standard fountain machine. It takes too long to use this contraption for very little benefit.

There was a now-defunct chain called "Camile's" that had a unique Coke machine, much more like a traditional fountain, but it had the ability to do "flavor boosts" of lemon, lime, vanilla and raspberry by selecting a lighted panel above the soda head. That was a better solution in my experience, but I haven't seen one since.

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  1. Great if you're 7 and want to mix your own concoction, for anyone older it's just gimmicky. I usually get Diet Coke at movies and it's been a waterier mix than when they just dispensed it behind the counter.