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Jan 19, 2012 12:24 PM

Thoughts on the Coke Freestyle fountain machines?

Went to Firehouse Subs with some folks from work for lunch today, and they had the new Coke Freestyle machine.

To be honest, I'd be much happier with a standard fountain machine. It takes too long to use this contraption for very little benefit.

There was a now-defunct chain called "Camile's" that had a unique Coke machine, much more like a traditional fountain, but it had the ability to do "flavor boosts" of lemon, lime, vanilla and raspberry by selecting a lighted panel above the soda head. That was a better solution in my experience, but I haven't seen one since.

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  1. Great if you're 7 and want to mix your own concoction, for anyone older it's just gimmicky. I usually get Diet Coke at movies and it's been a waterier mix than when they just dispensed it behind the counter.