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Jan 19, 2012 10:27 AM

Searing Chicken and finishing in oven??

I'm looking for a recipe to make a whole, butterflied Chicken starting by searing in Cast Iron and finishing in the oven. Then deglazing the pan to use for a sauce. Preferably would like to use Onions and wine. Looking forward to your recipes and suggestions. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. You could do this, maybe a hybrid of chicken-under-a-brick. Take your chicken, seasoned, skin-side down and onto hot cast-iron skillet... weigh it down with a brick or other pan, etc... do this until fat is rendered and skin is well browned. Flip over and stick into your oven and check the temperature for 161F in the thickest part of thigh and/or breast.

    When done, remove chicken and leave in deeper dish and cover loosely. Cast-iron will have some excess fat that you may want to remove (partly) and it will certainly have the "brown-bits" that you can deglaze with liquid and other flavors/aromatics.

    No exact recipe, just a technique that you can take many ways!

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      Or, you can just flip, cover and weight again and finish on the stove, which is what i do. FWIW, I use a large cast iron skillet, cover the bird with foil and mash it down with another iron skillet and teakettle full of water. Works great.

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        tea kettle full of water. That's new. Very creative haha. Thanks for that

    2. Here's a recipe I use all the time, although I don't make a pan sauce with the drippings. It's really delish - the only change I make is to use thyme in place of the French herb combo.

      1. Ooops, here's the link for the Jacques Pepin recipe:

        1. Is there a reason you're looking to sear first? A plain rosted butterflied chicken will give you plenty of crispness just from oven roasting.