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Jan 19, 2012 09:38 AM

Baltimore restaurants with fireplaces?

We're hoping to brianstorm a list of cozy restaurants in Baltimore that have fireplaces for cold winter date nights! Doesn't have to be upscale (although they can be).

Any help greatly appreciated...

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  1. I will play....let's start with 2 very different places.....The first floor of the Diz in Remington for good bar food and beers & The Milton Inn where the food may not always get rave reviews but that room is hard to beat with the fireplace for date night.

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      The diz remodeled a few years ago (its right across the street from "charm city cakes") and the fireplace is still there. The old bay wings are awesome. If you go on a quiet night the diz could be a good place for a date too.

        1. Williamsburg Inn and Patrick's in Cockeysville. Also, Elkrdige Furnace Inn and the King's Contrivance (Columbia).

          Haven't been since it reopened, but Peerce's Grille (used to be Plantation) FoiGras

          1. Just thought of another one--Sunset Restaurant in the Glen Burnie area. FoiGras