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Jan 19, 2012 08:14 AM

Celebratory Dinner in Sacaramento

My husband and I will be in Sacramento next week (staying at the Hyatt). We are looking for a fantastic restaurant to celebrate. Price is not a factor nor is the dress code. Hubby does not eat seafood. I look forward to your responses. Thanks!!

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  1. ella , which you could walk to...or waterboy in midtown.
    grange is also another option -not too far from you
    i think there's some reviews on here for you to check.
    but ella would be my #1 choice

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    1. re: toncasmo

      Thanks for your suggestions! I should have also said that it doesn't need to be close by, we'll have a car service.

    2. Grange and The Kitchen Resturant are good choices as well. Enjoy your celebration!

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      1. re: Chicaluna

        oh yeah- didn't even think about kitchen. interesting review of ambiance i(one of the five sacramento restaurants in zagat) n today's news and's in carmichael so wasn't sure if you'd go that far

      2. I would suggest Biba's as a fine choice. Wonderful Italian food. See their web site at:

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