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Jan 19, 2012 07:58 AM

Superior Grill Seafood?

while driving by i saw the renovation on the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon is finished. i think it's a Superior Grill Seafood... anyone been?

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  1. I went with a group of four went to complimentary dinner during their opening week. I have to say I was pretty impressed with almost everything we had. Their menu is seafood-centric, obviously, but there's something for everyone: steak, pasta, etc. It's not a fried seafood place, either. This place will focus on quantity over quality (huge portions), but even so the food was really pretty good. In short, it's a decent, mid-priced, casual restaurant that caters to the masses.

    Oh and they did a great job on the renovation, transforming it into a beautiful space. Probably a little too nice, IMO.

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      It was smart of them not to pander to the same crowd that they get at Superior Grill. This place seems to me to be for a more mature audience. I imagine it will be a great pick up spot for the single 40-year olds out there.