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Jan 19, 2012 07:29 AM

Late night eating in Toronto

Is there any eatery open in Toronto after 10pm? My daughter went there last night and just got answering machines when she tried to call various places. Even a kosher Dunkin Donuts would suffice.

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  1. Welcome to Toronto.
    There is no Kosher D&D in Toronto

    After 10pm. Try the following

    Marky's Deli
    280 Wilson Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada
    (416) 638-1081


    Howie T's Burger Bar
    3028 Bathurst St
    (416) 646-2422

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    1. re: Umami Sushi

      Many thanks, it looks like Marky's Deli iswhat I will tell my daughter since they are open to 1am, Burger Bar closes at 11pm.

    2. Tov Li is often open late. You could also call Dr. Laffa.