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Late night eating in Toronto

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Is there any eatery open in Toronto after 10pm? My daughter went there last night and just got answering machines when she tried to call various places. Even a kosher Dunkin Donuts would suffice.

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  1. Welcome to Toronto.
    There is no Kosher D&D in Toronto

    After 10pm. Try the following

    Marky's Deli
    280 Wilson Avenue Toronto, ON, Canada
    (416) 638-1081


    Howie T's Burger Bar
    3028 Bathurst St
    (416) 646-2422

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      Many thanks, it looks like Marky's Deli iswhat I will tell my daughter since they are open to 1am, Burger Bar closes at 11pm.

    2. Tov Li is often open late. You could also call Dr. Laffa.