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Jan 19, 2012 06:53 AM

Bamboo Pavilion suggestions?

Anyone have favorite dishes at Bamboo Pavilion (Bensonhurst)? Going with a group of 6, so we can order a bunch of things but (tragically) not everything, so I'd love to have some picks in advance.

Ate there once about 2 years ago. I'm still dreaming of the noodles in red oil and will insist on ordering them again. Other than that?

Spicy Bampa
6920 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204

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  1. Double-cooked fish filet, potatoes & peppers app.

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    1. Braised Beef Fillet with chili sauce, Bamboo roots with red oil, (cold appetizer), their kung po chicken is unique, lots of peppercorns.

      1. Thanks to you both. We ended up having to meet our friends late, and by the time we joined them, they had ordered hotpot for the table. It was fine, and I know theirs is highly regarded, but to me it's not very interesting to eat. It was a nice evening with friends, but in no way sated Sichuan cravings! Going back soon and bringing all your suggestions with me.

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          I can never tire of that double-cooked fish...when it's nice and crispy (sometimes it comes out a little soggy, but it still tastes great), it's one of the best things ever. A friend of mine never liked fish at all until he tried that dish.

          1. btw, it is back to Spicy Bampa.

            1. I had lunch there a few weeks ago that was pretty disappointing. Not sure whether it was because we ordered wrong or the lunch chefs weren't as good. I was also disappointed because I ordered wontons in hot oil, an item that I had been TRYING to get for a long time ( and received wonton soup. I told them I ordered wontons in hot oil in which they just dumped out most of the liquid and carelessly added some chili oil and minced garlic, etc. as I received it literally 10 seconds after I sent it back. The wontons were watery and not very tasty. The dishes that we ordered were unidimensional in flavor.

              Luckily I didn't write off my one bad visit because I went there recently and had their hot pot for dinner. Huge bargain at $16 for AYCE during the week. On weekends I believe it's $2 extra. The AYCE included various meats and veggies like beef, lamb, special beef, shrimp, tripe, chicken, various greens, tofu, potato, bean sprouts, etc. Some items were extra. We ordered a plate of dou miao which was an additional $5. I also ordered wontons in chili oil which were properly made this time! Yea! Well-balanced and very flavorful.

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              1. re: Miss Needle

                Glad you made it back, because those wontons in chili oil are super. (When not removed from soup, that is.)

                1. re: Amy Mintzer

                  We are not interested in hot pot - Its been more than a year since we were at Spicy Bampa - on our last visit the food seemed to have gotten cruder, and all the other diners were eating the hot pot. Any recent experiences with other dishes, fish, meat, etc? Are they still bringing out the "banchan" at the start, including that incredible chicken?