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Jan 19, 2012 03:46 AM

What Some French Restaurants Don't Want You To Know

Interesting article about some French restaurants passing off pre-packaged food as real French cooking:

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  1. There was a discussion of exactly this issue in the middle of the thread "it's easy to spend $$$$$ where do the common folk of Paris eat?????", starting with the following post:

    1. Yeah. I saw a segment of a magazine show on the French Channel (tv 5 monde) last year about this. It was very interesting because I'm extremely wary of menus (when I'm in France) that have a ton of choices. We tend to shy away from those places. However, I'll tell you this--the pre-packaged food over in France....and the way the prepare the pre-packaged stuff is a heck of a lot better than over here. In fact, our producers of pre-packaged food should take note of how they do it in France. The french are a group of people who take their food extremely seriously and even the pre-packaged stuff is better (I've actually gotten supermarket pre-packaged stuff over there---just to check it out and it was very good).
      Very interesting indeed!

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        I've bought a few French products from a 'crash-n-dent' shop. For example frozen croissants that you bake at home are pretty good. Trader Joes also carries some frozen French items which I like.

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          From time to time I catch some French items at TrayJoes too. But I have to say--Wegman's USED to carry the greatest escargot. It was in the little shells, nicely seasoned, in little aluminum tins and found in the frozen foods section. We bought these for--about six years. Wegman's doesn't carry them anymore and boy--are we dissappointed!