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Jan 18, 2012 08:33 PM

Hong Kong - Nha Trang Vietnamese - Way too sweet

Haven't been to Nha Trang for couple of years and prior to that I was away from HK for long time. Used to be a staple of mine in 2004-2006.

Went last night (Wanchai) and really struggled with most of the food. It looked the same as always but I don't recall it being so sweet.

Dipping sauce (Nuoc Cham)
- zero heat in the chilli, no saltiness, overpowering sweetness

Green mango and grilled squid salad
- no sourness at all, SUPER sweet, only few little pieces of squid, couldn't eat even half of it

Lime & mint leaf with club soda
- gaggingly sweet

- was greeted at door with no eye contact and gruff two-word response
- part way thru dinner I tried to order another drink (sans sugar syrup) but by time I could get someone I just wanted the bill. no excuse as place was half empty.

It's a shame as this place (well, the original Central branch) used to be so good. I know these dishes often have a little sugar but that's just enough to balance the salty/sour/heat, right? With these I couldn't get beyond the big sugar hit on the front palate to enjoy anything else.

Be interested if anyone else agrees or disagrees. Perhaps overly sweet Vietnamese food is a new trend I'm not aware of.


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  1. I found the food in Ho Chi Minh City very sweet when I holidayed there the last time. Maybe Nha Trang decided to go "authentic" instead of pandering to Chinese tastes?

    1. I believe you are referring to Nha Trang restaurant in HK, not the seaside town in VN. Most Vietnamese food in HK is overly sweet to cater to Cantonese tastes and that place is no different. I recently discovered a new place in Island Beverly called Saigon Saigon and it's decent. Everyone spoke Vietnamese, with a Northern accent so try the Northern dishes first. The bo kho was good, as well as the green mango salad.