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Jan 18, 2012 08:20 PM

the best cheap & a few not so cheap eats in paris?

hi there everyone,

im heading back to paris after a 14 year hiatus & am looking for some advise on where 2eat whilst there. im really looking for the hidden gems. the local cafes or bistros that have amazing food that wont send me broke!! we are going to b staying in marais but im happy to go on a day trip anywhere around central paris for an amazing foodie experience!

also, ive heard that a lot of michelin star restaurants have cheaper lunch specials? what do you guys recommend would be the best value for a surprise for my partner? or even dinner? ive heard the table de robuchon is fantastic.. ive also heard about le grande cascade too...

as much info would be greatly appreciated :)


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  1. This board talks about Michelin-starred lunch deals all the time; a little search should be helpful.
    If staying in the Marais, for cheap, I say you'll have to go eat from the Manouche stand in front of the Pompidou, on rue Rambuteau. If you're facing the museum, it's on the left side of the street.

    1. day trip around central paris - you mean a 15 minute metro ride?
      Table de Joel Robuchon closed about 2 years ago. Get a Michelin Red Guide, it is completely reliable.