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Anyone been yet? Expect to trek over from the island sometime, but would like to hear a little more about it first.

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  1. heard it was amazing already. I am not sure if its hard open yet, but I can't wait to check it out!

    1. we were there on Sunday--2nd night they were open. It was great. To be honest both my husband and I were a bit skeptical because we are not big fans of Asian/fusion type food. Because we are not Asian-experts, I hesitate to give a full run-down as I usually do. But we loved everything we had--especially the Korean fried chicken and the Saigon crepes. Also the atmosphere is really comfortable--not at all cramped as so many places are these days, with lots of space around tables and big booths; and everyone was super friendly. Service was absolutely spot-on which is something to say for a 2nd night.

      We'll be back--I just hope we can get in. They were saying an hour to an hour and a half wait when we left. We arrived early (5:45) and at that time was told 45 minutes; but in actuality we were seated in under a 1/2 hour.

      369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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      1. re: jinx

        What's the procedure for waiting -- do they take your cell phone # and call you when your table is ready? Or do you have to be present at the establishment?

        On Tuesday night, I passed by Talde after 11P. Still pretty busy. I'm glad for him. But not good for impatient people like me.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          Miss Needle, i really can't say. When we got there it wasn't very crowded yet so we just waited at the bar. The bar area is quite large.

          1. re: jinx

            Thanks for your response. I hadn't planned on going there until a couple of months down the road. Hopefully the crowds will have died down a bit by then.

      2. I went earlier this week and was impressed by how good it was after just being open just a few nights. It was packed, and there was kind of a long wait for the food, but it was worth it. Three of us split the Perilla leaf, the Hawaiian buns, the brisket, the squash salad with kale and tofu, and the fluke. The only disappointment was the buns, which tasted kind of fast-foody to me (maybe an attempt at humor?). Otherwise, I could tell a lot of thought had been put into the flavors, to make them Asian with a twist. They encourage sharing. The space is big, roomy, woody, high-ceilinged and gorgeous, and it would be fun just to hang out at the bar. The servers were knowledgeable, energetic and friendly. This is a huge addition to Park Slope dining.

        369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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        1. re: filis

          We ate there last Thursday. Arrived at 6:30 and got one of the last few available two-tops. Place was absolutely jumping when we left at 7:45. Lots of people crowded into the bar area waiting for tables. Unlike the other posters, we found the tables packed close together, but otherwise thought the restaurant had a very nice atmosphere. The space is not very deep, perhaps no more that 25 feet including the open kitchen, but it does have a long street frontage so most of the tables are along a window. The food was surprisingly good and reasonably priced. They explained that their service model is based on small plates for sharing (and they have a group of empty plates stacked on the table), but the menu and our choices were more typical courses. With appetizers (we had the Hawaiian buns) and entrées (Pork should and whole branzini (the Market fish). Entrées were in the upper teens to mid twenties. The food was quite good and certainly a revisit.

          1. re: filis

            Sweet and capable service, the staff works as a team, and I think the food is good. I thought the playoffs would work in my favor and walked in at 5:05 on this Sunday night, but it was pretty well hopping by 5:15.

            I started with the Hawaiian buns, sliders, really; meant to get sausage but when my server said that I could have one of each, it sounded like a fine idea. It didn’t seem like fast food to me—I rather like that rather sweet, tender bun. The veg bun was shiitake, okay, and the sausage was good, but the fish (fried flounder) was just terrific. I would have used a little salt, but the choices on the table were Sriracha and hot pepper-infused vinegar and they did the trick.

            I also had the Korean fried chicken and I thought it was first rate. I can think of at least one Chowhound who would just *love* this chicken (and you know who you are). I rather like the grapes strewn overall but I am not entirely convinced by the kimchee yogurt underneath.

            The booths are nice but I found the tables to be a little cramped. This was not enhanced by Entitled One who sat at the next table opposite me and asked her poor friend to stuff her fat, puffy coat nearly on my lap and later her bag (which would serve me for a whole weekend) on top of that. Her contribution to the tight space was to take plates from her server, dump the contents onto her plate and hand the empty dish back to him. Ew. There are also seats at the pass which at first glance looked like they might be fun, but looked more cramped, still, and it would be hard to enjoy the company of the 3-4 you might be with, side by side.

            All in, I liked the staff and the food very much and find the space most appealing.

            369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

            1. re: Deb Van D

              I just got to this thread. Thanks Deb.... yes, I know who I am.

                1. re: Deb Van D

                  I only read this thread because the owner of Henry's End recommended Talde to me the other night and pretty much said the same thing (although he insisted that his fried chicken is better). So I decided to see what, if anything, was posted about it on CH. Thanks.

          2. My official review after eating there last night.

            I arrived straight from work at 7:30pm, expecting a long wait. I walked in, went straight to the owner/ host Dave, and put my name on the list. He said the wait was about an hour. No problem. I grabbed a cocktail at the bar - the Brooklyn Sling. Gin, pineapple juice. Delicious, if you like sweet-ish drinks. Found a seat at the bar while still waiting for my husband. Talked to John, the other owner and bartender, for a bit, who was so modest about the hype already surrounding the place. I next tried the Chinatown cocktail - all I remember from that one was the rum and the black pepper. Interesting, but not my favorite. My husband got the cocktail made with Japanese scotch and maple syrup - awesome!

            After only 20 minutes waiting total, we were seated. Nice! The waitress was amazingly sweet, very upbeat but not overbearing. She explained the menu. Agreed with Jinx above - service spot on. Completely disagree about space - maybe it was roomy for her because she had a booth, but the tables in the main dining area were quite cramped. But that was ok because we made friends with out neighbors!

            The menu is small. Very small considering they want to be the type of place people go to a few times a week!

            We ordered the Hawaiian buns (one of each), the Tom Yum soup - lobster bisque with coconut milk, korean fried chicken and the crispy oyster and bacon pad thai.

            The highlight of the meal was the Hawaiian buns in my opinion - the fluke was outstanding and the mushroom one heavenly. Husband didn't even let me get a taste of the sausage one because he gobbled it up! The soup was outstanding as well. My only gripe was that the noodles were overcooked and sticking to each other. I was meh about the fried chicken. If it wasn't for the hot sauce on the table (Sirachi + Frank's Red Hot) I would not have eaten much of it. Husband on the other hand, loved the chicken, so I guess it's just preference. The pad thai was delicious, not dried out (which is why I NEVER order pad thai), and the smokiness of the bacon with the fried oysters was perfect pairing.

            The dessert was awful. It was a custard tart from a soon-to-open bakery in the neighborhood that had been sitting out under a pie plate and that the sous chef bruleed for literally 3 seconds before sending back out (I know because I was watching him as he did it). The custard was just scrambled eggs and, of course, was cold inside. They really need to kick that part up a notch.

            Overall rating, where 10 is the best meal I've ever had in my entire life and 1 being spam, I give this a solid 6.5 to 7. Room for improvement but still extremely pleasing.

            369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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            1. re: secondbecky

              I am wondering if they added more tables since we were there (2nd night open.) Since several have mentioned it being cramped...we had a two-top next to the window towards the front and there was no one next to us (just booths across the way). Perhaps too it seems more cramped in the rear.

              1. re: secondbecky

                I agree with this review. I liked it a lot but won't say it knocked my socks off. We had the won ton soup, the black pepper toast, a pulled pork special bun (delicious), the pad thai (loved the crispy oyesters), sticky rice (eh), whole fish (branzino) steamed in banana leaf. and rappini as a vegetable side, steamed. more than enough food for 3 of us. service was a little hiccup-y but generally attentive, The branzino was fantastic - delicately flavored, a tiny bit over cooked but very delicious.. I really loved it as did my companions. And whatever sauce they served with the steamed greens was out of this world - it made the dish. a little spicy, a little hot, a little sweet. I feel like the only way to get a table without an endless wait is to get there when they open. I hope the buzz dies down and it takes on more of a neighborhood feel than a hipster scene.

                1. re: dipsy

                  oh yes I forgot about the pepper toast. That was really good, except it was soggy.

                  1. re: dipsy

                    You have to try the whole steamed striped bass wrapped in banana leaf at BKNY. I enjoyed Talde immensely and am glad it is so popular but there are amazing dishes at restaurants with no buzz.

                2. whoo hoo we made the chowhound newsletter!

                  1. Per Eater, this Spring Talde will be expanding to the old Aunt Suzie's space.

                    One of the partners, David Massoni, says "It’s the place we are going to go hang out...It’s going to be super, super, super, super casual."

                    It's clear that "supers" are not an endangered species.


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                    1. re: Bob Martinez

                      I saw that. I'm envisioning a Brooklyn "Employees Only"

                    2. Talde is not for vegetarians. I went a few weeks ago and was really disappointed both by the fact that there were so few vegetarian options and that the main one was straight up bad. (I will say that my omnivore friend with whom I went had already been the week before and loved the meat dishes she got on both her visits.)

                      The mushroom sliders were pretty good, but the buns were a little too tall and, as a result, the bread (which was good) overwhelmed everything. Iif they fixed the ratio I would have enjoyed them more, although there was too much mustard on them and as a result the mushroom filling was even more obscured.

                      The market vegetable ramen - the only vegetarian entree - was really bland and hence bad. The broth had absolutely no flavor even though it was supposed have miso in it - maybe there was a teaspoon in the whole bowl. The roasted root vegetables (of which were were only a few pieces each of potato, turnip, and parsnip) were so unevenly cut that half of them were burnt and half of them were undercooked, and they clearly didn't season the vegetables at all, as they were completely bland (unless you count burnt as a flavor). There was no salt in the entire dish. The noodles were ok, but I've had better. I ended up pouring about 1/4 of the bottle of sriracha (which I gather was made in house - it was very good) and a huge glug of chili vinegar into my bowl, which is how I was able to eat the dish, and only half of it, at that.

                      I really hope they wise up and 1) make their only vegetarian entree actually taste like something and 2) add a few more vegetarian items to the menu.

                      369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                      1. re: scarlet starlet

                        The first mistake was thinking that this was a place for vegetarians. Before I had even looked at a menu, I asked some friends to join me at Talde. They looked at the menu and as vegetarians, decided against it. As there were plenty of other options in the neighborhood, we decided to go elsewhere (Bogata actually).

                        1. re: secondbecky

                          I was fully aware that the vegetarian options were limited, but I find it frustrating nonetheless. Also, in much of the press I've read about the place that included a brief interview with Dale, he almost always mentioned the vegetarian ramen, so you would think he was proud of it. The guys at Chuko have vegetarian ramen down - no more Talde for me.

                        2. re: scarlet starlet

                          I believe the sriracha sauce is part sriracha and part Frank's.

                        3. Due to the blue moon situation where DH and I were actually at home on a weekday in the late afternoon we decided to have an early dinner at Talde. Our waiter told us that on a weekday, you can probably get the first seating if you get there from 5-6:00P, the second seating at 6:30P and the third seating at 9:45P and later. During weekends, all bets are off as they're generally full by 5:15P.

                          We ordered:

                          perilla leaf appetizer -- wonderful well-balanced little bites
                          saigon crepe -- a riff on banh xeo; didn't come with lettuce wraps but still light and delicious
                          wonton noodle soup -- not traditional as the noodles were more like ramen noodles versus Cantonese wonton noodles and bits of pork were very smoky; delicious -- large enough for an entree; egg was perfectly done
                          short rib kare kare -- meat very tender; waiter told us to get some of the black pepper toast to mop up the copious amounts of sauce; very good, but was sauced very lightly compared to the traditional version of kare kare; ran out of sauce before we finished the toast
                          market vegetable -- brussel sprouts wok-fried in a delicious spicy sauce with kaffir lime and shrimp paste
                          halo halo -- good; generally not my thing but it was the only dessert option they had

                          Everything was delicious and service was great. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood. I think a lot of people there were not locals. Actually it appears that there were quite a bit of tourists there as well judging from the conversations and a DSL camera (that remained untouched during dinner). Seems that Dale's Top Chef fame certainly helped him in that arena. Would definitely return at some point to try the other scrumptious sounding items on the menu. Just wish it was a bit easier to get in.

                          369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                          1. re: Miss Needle

                            I went to Talde tonite. Got there around 8Pm, the place was pretty full, but we didn't have to wait at all. The room is great the menu seemed interesting although it apparently changes, since it was not the same as Menu Pages. Also, many of the dishes described by other posters were not on the menu. The roasted corn on the cob side dish was very good. The Perilla leaf, aka shiso leaf, was an interesting idea, but the sauce was too overpowering. It tasted like a lot of hoisin on there, and very spicy.
                            The pork and chive dumplings, seemed like a good idea, because Dale Talde did make dumplings at Buddakan , and the dumplings there are amazing. These seemed to be frozen then fried. The outer dough was tough, as it is when dumplings are frozen. They tasted better with the Filipino "suka" or vinegar, in bottles on the table, than with the Chinese mustard it comes with.
                            The Pad Thai was interesting , with nice crispy fried oysters and chunks of smiley pancetta or bacon. There was a bit too much citrus taste in the dish. Also, the chills in there remained whole and no heat was released from them. Some might find the smoke flavor of the bacon too overpowering. I didn't , i happen to like that taste.
                            The soft shell crab Bahn Mi was a bit too much sandwich for me, with too little pickled veggies in it. There was a small amount of shredded pickled carrots in it. The crab was cooked perfectly, crisp and not greasy. The sauce needs improvement. It almost tasted like a Vietnamese chili sauce but it missed the mark. The rolls were too big, there are much better Bahn Mi rolls all over the city. The dish would be better without the roll and an improved sauce.
                            They did not have short rib kare kare on the menu. They did have a dish with short rib meat off the bone, prepared on skewers like korean or Filipino bbq meat. if they had kare kare, ( especially with traditional oxtail) i would have ordered it.
                            I was happy to see Dale Talde remembered his Filipino heritage with San Miguel as the first beer on the list, and Halo Halo as the dessert. However, there were no Filipino dishes on the menu, although there were some mentioned in previous posts here. So I hope he adds some things like kare kare, sisig, lechon kawali etc. He did have Pacquiao Punch on the cocktails, interestingly Maharlika Restaurant has a drink by that name also.
                            Dessert: the only dessert was Halo Halo. This is not a dessert for everyone. Filipino people love this dessert, but the Capn Crunch on top is a turn off to many people. There are so many other excellent Filipino desserts, Maja blanca ( corn pudding)would be a good addition to the menu , as would some "dirty ice-cream" .
                            Overall, I liked the atmosphere, the service was excellent, the dishes need to be tweaked, but I am confident since they are pretty new, they will continue to improve the dishes and add new ones.
                            I will be back.

                            1. re: foodwhisperer

                              Pretty lucky you that you didn't have to wait. I dropped by this weekend before 6P and got the last seating. The people behind me had to wait at least an hour!

                              The short rib kare kare hasn't been on the menu in a while. I do find that the mains tend to rotate out versus the appetizers. I highly recommend the steamed fish in banana leaf with tomato turmeric. It's my favorite dish there. It's delicate which is a nice foil to the very assertively spiced dishes. I also tend to order my food with a side of white rice ($3 off menu) which balances everything out. There's only so much salt, sweet and sour I can eat without feeling sick. I do need some bland for balance.

                              I really wish they would have a dessert other than the halo halo. I do remember them having other dessert options when they first opened up but I guess it didn't work out. If you get there early enough, Ladybird Bakery is just a block away.

                              1. re: Miss Needle

                                Thanks for the tip on the fish. When I was in the Phillipines I had great fish cooked in banana leaf. I will try that for sure. Also good to know that they have white rice. I usually eat white rice with this type of food. I think i will talk to the chef next time and politely recommend that he add some desserts. My gf will be thrilled they have halo halo ( Filipina) but I am not a big fan of it.

                          2. Had an absolutely spot on meal at Talde the other night!

                            We were a table of three, and we are all old farts so we got there just at 5:00pm, on a Tuesday, so we didnt have to deal with a crowd. It was a good plan because we walked right in and sat down.
                            Chef must really make it a point to make sure the wait staff are well educated about each dish, because our server knew allot - even down to what was making the spicy mustard served on the side of the dumplings -taste so good...

                            We had:
                            PERILLA LEAF - -
                            for $5 - I thought this dish was incredibly impressive, nutty, fishy, spicy, sweet - many flavor explosions just in one bite...and I liked that each bite was slightly different.
                            SAIGON CREPES-
                            My dining companions were drooling over these.
                            I loved the crispy pancake. I guess it was potato/potato flour - not sure though, i meant to ask, but I forgot - there were too many great things going on - anyway, whatever they were, they were good!! However, for me, the inside was too much "green"... bits of shrimp here and there...I didnt get any bacon, but I let my companions finish the rest, since they were loving it so much.
                            SHRIMP TOAST-
                            We all agreed it was just yummy, and the gravy reminded us of a gourmet shrimp w lobster sauce taste.
                            PRETZEL PORK & CHIVE DUMPLINGS -
                            My favorite of the apps.
                            The pretzel taste was tsuble but there, and some bites were more pretzely than others - again - I like the contrasting bites, but some may think "inconsistant".
                            The pork inside was juicy and tasty - and the spicy mustard was KILLER. I wanted to lick the bowl.
                            KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN
                            Very good, cruncy, juicy, spicy........ but by this point , I was getting filled up, and I only took 2 pieces of this. (Entree portions are HUGE as they ae meant to be shared)
                            One of us proclaimed this was her favorite dish of the night.
                            SHORTRIBS KARE-KARE
                            This was stellar, the meat was tender, tasty, perfectly cooked, and the peanut-y coconuty sauce rreminded me of the massaman curry.
                            The BLACK PEPPER BUTTER TOAST was suggested to sop up that sauce.
                            I liked the bread - it was peppery and yummy, but to me, it did not go well at all with the shortrib sauce. I didnt get that at all.
                            CRISPY OYSTER & BACON PAD THAI -
                            Sounded better than it was. Like standard PT, but with fried oysters on top. The oysters didnt even taste that great - I left one sitting there, and the PT was kind of *slimy* to me. I like my noodles on the dry side. Again, I never got any bacon.
                            BANANA LEAF STICKY RICE -
                            I personally, wouldnt have picked this dish, but WOW was I glad my auntie did!
                            I LOVED it...the taste, the texture...and yes! I finally got me some bacon - and man was it good!
                            I wanted the whole order to myself.
                            Luckily the other 2 didnt care at all for it, so I did get allot!
                            the veg of the night was Brussels sprouts. Sound dull?
                            No - these were to die for - crispy, and insanely tasty..made with some kind of Asian pesto - I remember pistachios being one of the ingredients.

                            Then, I was really disappointed that there was only ONE dessert option. I thought that was pretty poor...and to boot it was Halo Halo, which isnt something I would choose either..
                            but we got it, to try.

                            Holy Crap.
                            I LOVED it.
                            I would say it was the best thing I had all night.
                            It was a big bowlwith a coconutty/herby ice with tapiaoca balls, grilled pineapple, (and maybe banana?), Captain Crunch...probably other stuff that i can't remember.
                            It was amazing, and my description is certainly not doing it justice.
                            The ice was subtle, and smooth, but yet TASTY...the stuff thrown in wasnt gratuitous - the captain crunch added great texture...I loved it, and sat there with it until the bowl was finished!
                            it was huge, btw, and my companions didnt love it as much as I did, so I ate allot of it, and miss it now.

                            Dale was there, and having been a fan of his, I was quite excied to see him!
                            He seemed really humble and laid back.

                            Price for final meal was $175 with drinks (excluding tip) - thought that was brlliant!

                            369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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                            1. re: NellyNel

                              The crepes are generally made with white rice flour. I tried to make a more healthful version a few weeks ago with brown rice flour. Major fail -- was too heavy and dense. Talde's was much better.

                              1. re: NellyNel

                                NellyNel, I cannot believe three people ate ALL THAT!! wow.

                                1. re: parkslopemama

                                  (and I am a tiny one!)
                                  yeah, we were hungry :)

                                2. re: NellyNel

                                  Chef Talde, I hear is rarely there. Although I wasn't crazy about the food when they first opened, I think the food is worse than it was back then.
                                  I will say, they pack the place , so they must be doing something right.
                                  In this thread they compare Talde to Purple Yam, there is no caparison. Totally different restaurants, There is no Filipino food, per se on Talde's menu except for Filipino sausage. Purple yam has many dishes.
                                  The kare kare at Talde, does not resemble kare kare at all. It does not have oxtail, it has no taste at all of shrimp paste. The sauce is similar to a Thai chili sauce. It is served over soggy noodles. The taste was OK, but disappointing in that I was expecting something that resembled kare kare. This could have been called Korean Kalbe ( Galbe) and been just as close.
                                  The pork dumplings were basically frozen gyoza.
                                  The kung pao fried chicken wings was a bit too sweet.
                                  Dessert: no halo halo, only one dessert, something with apples.

                                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                                    I'm going to have to disagree about Dale not working there- out of the 10 times we've been to talde I've seen him probably 7-8.

                                3. This place sounds like it bears a family resemblance to Umi Nom and even Purple Yam.
                                  For folks who have been to both, how does it compare? We like both of the others.

                                  Purple Yam
                                  1314 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226

                                  Umi Nom
                                  433 DeKalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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                                  1. re: jen kalb

                                    Was NOT getting the love for Purple Yam when I went there like a year ago. I vote Talde all the way. It sounds like they've really expanded their selections since I went. I'll have to visit again soon!

                                    1. re: jen kalb

                                      I've only been to Purple Yam out of the two. I'd probably say that Purple Yam's recipes are a bit more traditional compared to Talde's. The menu is more extensive at Purple Yam's and there's a more emphasis on Filipino and Korean cuisine while Talde's is more all over the Asian map -- Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai with a twist of American in some dishes.

                                      The only two dishes that I've had at both Talde and Purple Yam is the kare kare and halo halo. Talde's kare kare is made out of deboned short rib versus the more traditional ox tail and has less shrimp paste. They were both good, but I may have preferred Purple Yam's as I love oxtails and funk. I also preferred Purple Yam's halo halo because there was more of a creamy element to it versus Talde's. But Talde's halo halo and kare kare were probably my least favorite things on the menu (and I still really liked them -- well, maybe not the halo halo so much but that's personal preference).

                                      If you like Purple Yam, you'll probably like Talde.

                                      Purple Yam
                                      1314 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226

                                      369 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                                      1. re: jen kalb

                                        Funny, I never would have compared them. The vibe is totally different. While Umi Nom has a bit of the fusiony quality, it still is basically Philippine and much less trendy (in food and vibe). Purple Yam is certainly more authentic. To me Talde is Asian like the Good Fork is Korean, if you get what I mean. I liked all three, but while I think that one can relate Uni Nom & Purple Yam to each other, I wouldn't put Talde in the same category.

                                        1. re: bobjbkln

                                          Vibe? from the dish names and descriptions here, many of the dishes sounded quite alike.
                                          I get what you are saying about The Good Fork however. Maybe when the crowds die down we will go. Until then there is darn good fusion chow at the other two places.

                                          1. re: jen kalb

                                            Looks like Dale Talde has now made a deal to take the old Aunt Suzie's space for another place. Might want to get to this one before he leaves the kitchen to others.

                                      2. Just wanted to mention that they now have take-out for most of the dishes.

                                        1. Finally made it here, and I have to say, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Was expecting american/european food with asian touches, but found it to be more gussied up asian. Though the best dishes were those that seemed to stay closest to authentic asian versions.

                                          we ordered a lot, not sure i can remember it all.
                                          pretzel dumplings: found these greasy and not that different from regular dumplings. Don't understand the raves for them.
                                          papaya salad (or was it green mango?): good, but not better than in a good thai restaurant.
                                          fried chicken: fine, but not sure the grapes and yogurt sauce did anything for it. Can get better fried chicken elsewhere.
                                          ribs: too sweet.
                                          lobster tom kha gai: hands down my favorite dish of the night. Partly it's because tom kha gai in general is one of my favorite dishes and good renditions are hard to come by in NYC. (sri has the best--most of the time.)
                                          steamed fish stuffed with herbs: also good. fish was fresh and herbs shone through
                                          pad thai: nice tamarind kick but gloppy texture
                                          fried rice was bland but sticky rice was good. corn was no better than i could get from the ballfields in red hook.
                                          dessert was okay, but marred by way too much captain crunch on top. a more measured hand is needed.
                                          all in all, i found the food too sweet and not "different" enough. I guess I would go back for the lobster tom kha gai, but mainly the meal left me wishing I had just gone to queens and eaten real asian food for half the price.

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                                          1. re: missmasala

                                            Sripraphai's tom kha gai can be heavenly but maddeningly inconsistent. My last visit they used BUTTON mushrooms, the previous visits mouthwatering trumpet mushrooms, usually there are delicious stalks of lemongrass and lime leaves, the last visit, there was almost no flavor. Maddening.

                                            1. re: Pookipichu

                                              Agreed. That's why I said "Most of the time." 8 times out of 10, it will be excellent, once it will be less than excellent, and once it will be downright mediocre. But even mediocre, it's still better than most of the tom kha gais out there.

                                              1. re: Pookipichu

                                                BTW, got takeout tom kha gai from sri the other day and it was just as you've described--button mushrooms, no pieces of lemgrass, galangal, or lime leaves, and, despite many chopped green chilis, short on acid or heat, rendering it far too sweet. This was by far the worst version I have ever had from them.

                                                If this is the new face of tom gha gai at sri, i will be v sad.

                                                Is the another place around with stellar tom kha gai?

                                                1. re: missmasala

                                                  It's just not consistent. I had it last week with trumpet mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal, chilli oil, lime, totally amazing. Frustrating.

                                                  1. re: Pookipichu

                                                    glad to know an amazing version can still be had there. Now if only we could figure out which version is coming out of the kitchen ahead of time, before ordering.

                                                    1. re: missmasala

                                                      have been to Sri a couple of times recently and had the tom kha gai. The first time, it came with no pieces of galangal, no fresh chili, no lime leaf, etc and button mushrooms. I finally asked the server about it, and he told me that's the way they are making it now, but if I ask for it the way I want it, they will make it for me (the exception being the mushrooms—he claimed they used the button now bc the trumpet were out of season and expensive, but i'm not sure that's true.)

                                                      anyway, i was just there on sunday (great meal, btw--renewed my faith in the place) and when I ordered the tom kha gai, I started explaining to the waitress how I wanted it and when I was done she said, "Oh, you want it Thai style!" So i guess maybe non-thais were complaining about all the big pieces in their soup that they had to leave on their plates as they ate? The soup came and, except for the mushrooms, it was just as it used to be.

                                                      Maybe if lots of people order this soup "Thai style" when they go to Sri, they will go back to having it be their default way.

                                                      1. re: missmasala

                                                        Trumpet mushrooms are expensive so I can understand, but oh so heavenly when they used to make tom kha gai with them. Yum!

                                              2. re: missmasala

                                                How large is the lobster tom kha gai? Is it meant to be shared?

                                                1. re: michelley

                                                  we shared one order for a table of 6. I assume it's meant to be shared, as they brought a large bowl and then smaller bowls to ladle into. Would be big portions for two people, decent for 4 as part of a larger meal. With 6, i definitely wanted more.

                                                  1. re: missmasala

                                                    I have been to talde 5 times since it opened (3 for dinner, 1 brunch and 1 bar/snack/celebration) and the lobster tom kha gai is my favorite dish. An absolute must if you get there and it's still on the menu. We shared it across three people and we all got a good taste, although I could eat it all by myself.

                                              3. I'm emprisoned near by so I tried the mango salad and the fried rice from the take out menu. The mango salad was one deminsional but the fried rice caused me and my fellow inmates to sing in our chains. We awarded the rice dish 3 tats.

                                                1. finally made it here for lunch on saturday. thought it was good not great. my wife liked it more than me. wouldn't wait hours for a table or call it a destination restaurant, but would def return. was underwhelmed by the ginger bloody mary, guess i'd just prefer a normal spicy one. my wife did love her watermelon margarita though. we liked the dumplings and ribs, but not the lobster bao. bacon pad thai was good, but the tater tots might've been better. we also orderd the calamari (there were 3 of us) but they forgot it. despite that the service was good (quickly removed the calamari from the bill) and very friendly

                                                  1. I'm thinking of trying Talde for the first time. Any recent reports? Thanks!

                                                    11 Replies
                                                    1. re: peter j

                                                      I still love it, with the caveat that you have to know what to order. The yuzu guacamole is my favorite appetizer, and then I will usually have the fried chicken (possibly the best I've ever had anywhere) or the short rib kare kare... or both, since the latter is kind of on the light side. Whatever fish they serve in a banana leaf is also excellent; it's branzino at the moment.

                                                      I like that they've started offering other dessert options, after a year or more of only serving that stupid Cap'n Crunch with shaved ice item.

                                                      1. re: peter j

                                                        Was that information useful to you at all? Just curious.

                                                        1. re: Juanita

                                                          Yes, thank you Juanita.

                                                          I was just concerned about the variable quality that Pete Wells mentioned in his review, especially when the chef is not around. But I guess that was just Wells's usual hyperbole.

                                                          I do appreciate your feedback!

                                                          1. re: peter j

                                                            No worries.. I have noticed that it's a restaurant that really divides people, although I suspect it has a lot to do with people ordering the wrong things.

                                                            1. re: Juanita

                                                              The menu looks great and your recs sound interesting but now I have to ask: are there any dishes that we should avoid?

                                                              1. re: peter j

                                                                I think the ones that get a lot of mixed reviews are the pretzel pork & chive dumplings and the pad thai. I haven't tried either. Also with the Hawaiian bread buns, a lot of times people like only one of the three varieties, or something like that.

                                                                1. re: Juanita

                                                                  Great, thanks again for your input!

                                                                  1. re: peter j

                                                                    looking forward to hearing how it went. Would be interested in knowing whether its worth a visit.

                                                                  2. re: Juanita

                                                                    I think the pretzel dumplings are well executed -- they're just not particularly as innovative as they sound as it's regular dumpling dough with coarse salt on top. They are probably the best fried dumplings you'll find in Park Slope, definitely beating out Dumplings and Things.

                                                                    I know secondbecky didn't like her pad thai as the noodles were overcooked and sticky. I've only ordered that dish once but I didn't have that problem. I thought it was a good rendition of pad thai. The bacon lends a nice smokiness to the dish. But I think there are a few better things on the menu.

                                                                    The only thing that I've encountered that I felt didn't really work is the fried chicken with the yogurt and grapes. The fried chicken is well cooked, but I didn't get the yogurt and grapes with it. I understand what the point is -- to have a sour and sweet note to counterpoint all the salty fattiness from the fried chicken. But it just didn't work for me. If one is to order it I'd ask for the yogurt and grapes on the side. Oh, I was also not crazy about the everything roti because I thought it was too salty. It's fine on its own but I prefer roti to be a bit blander to eat with the saltier food (kind of like I prefer plain white rice vs. a heavily flavored one).

                                                                    1. re: Miss Needle

                                                                      Thank you Miss Needle. This is very helpful!

                                                                      1. re: Miss Needle

                                                                        Went to Talde tonite. Been there about 6 or 7 times. I've never seen Dale Talde there. The place was packed as usual. The seating is uncomfortable. I had to keep moving my chair in, so people could pass by.
                                                                        The pretzel dumplings are a good dish. They don't resemble a pretzel in any way ( IMO) except they serve mustard as a dipping sauce. I prefer to put the Filipino vinegar on them ( Suka),
                                                                        The Filipino pork with garlic rice wasn't great. The taste was good. Basically it is Filipino BBQ pork , like you normally get on a skewer. But the meat had a bit too much grizzle for me. The garlic rice wasn't garlicy enough, but it was ok.
                                                                        They had Thanksgiving Turkey dinner ramen tonite. It is a ramen soup with noodles, spinach dumplings, turkey, cranberries,mushroom, stuffing and they pour turkey gravy into the broth. The turkey was roasted turkey but it was very dry and you got very little turkey. The noodles were very good.
                                                                        The broth would have been better without the gravy.
                                                                        Guacamole apple sushi thing was excellent. I had it at the NY magazine food event. So I had to get it again. Best dish I had.
                                                                        Service was bad, because the kitchen was backed up. In other words , not the waitress' fault. The regular expeditor wasn't working tonite. There was a half hour gap between my dumplings and my soup. Soup came same time as the pork. Guacamole was an after thought because I figured it was a way to get something faster. Not my favorite spot, but I find Park Slope very limited for food. Probably that's why the places that are decent are packed.

                                                          2. I go to Talde for brunch a lot. Almost always start with the pretzel pork and chive dumplings. Would like to branch out more on the appetizers, but I am powerless to the dumplings. Then usually the breakfast ramen. Or maybe the bacon pad thai. I've yet to have a bad meal there.

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                                                            1. re: GalleyKitsch

                                                              Thanks! I do appreciate your feedback.

                                                            2. I just wanted to report back on our marvelous brunch at Talde. I went with a group of 8 and shared most of the items on the brunch menu. Everything was delicious. Our favorites were:

                                                              - pretzel pork & chive dumplings - we shared 4 orders of this dish. So good.

                                                              - breakfast ramen with buttered toast broth, bacon and egg - two orders. I've never had buttered ramen before though I understand that it's traditional in certain parts of Japan, It was perfect for a cold snowy day.

                                                              - Sausage egg and cheese fried rice - with 2 orders this was turning out to be a carb-heavy meal but we loved it.

                                                              - bacon pad thai with fried egg - the bacon and egg were a bit repetitive but we could not resist!

                                                              - Korean chicken wings with waffles and coconut brown butter syrup - an Asian take on a Southern classic.

                                                              The vegetarians in our group were happy with the crispy avocado bao and the butternut squash samosas.

                                                              We can't wait to return for dinner. Thanks again for your feedback and recommendations.