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Jan 18, 2012 07:59 PM

Burns night in Philly

Anyone know of any Burns night events in or around Philadelphia? It is next wednesday...

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  1. Two places that I know of that have burns night festivities are the Whip Tavern in Chester County, and the Ship Inn in Milford, NJ. Neither are extremely close to Philadelphia unfortunately. You might check to see if Dandelion is doing anything. I know the St. Andrews Society in Philadelphia has a Burns night supper, but that is a members only event. Ship Inn

    1. Best Robbie Burns event in the area is Sly Fox Brewpub in Phoenixville. I never miss it

      Friday Night

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      1. re: Chefmonty

        Curious as to which other Burns events you have attended to enable you to declare the Shy Fox the best event in the area? Also seems you must have missed some Sly Fox events in order to make the comparison which enabled you to state that Sly Fox is the BEST??

        1. re: Bacchus101

          Sly fox's is aways the Friday night closest to the actual Robbie Burns' Bday, so yes I've been to others. Sly Fox is my favorite. It is also the annual release of there Scotch Ale Gang Aft Agley (Robbie Burns Quote) they have Celtic Music, bag pippers, they "pipe in" the Haggis followed by Burns poetry readings, including"Ode To A Haggis". The poetry is usually open mic and all who get up to recite get a shot of whiskey

      2. OK, I'll bite. What is burns night?

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          It's a celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns held on his birthday.

          FriskLamb I heard World Cafe Live is having a whiskey supper for the occasion.

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   Burns night event at World Cafe Live. Cost 42 dollars. Buyer beware the food at World Cafe has received mixed reviews on this site.

            Also, Haggis is traditionally served at a Burns night supper. Haggis is in my opinion the Scottish equivalent of scrapple. Burns wrote a famous poem which is traditionally read when the Haggis is brought into the dining room.

   Has the original language and a modern interpretation for those that want to read it.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Great Burn's night info,thanks.

              I understand the "Scottish equivalent comment. I must say that having had both Haggis and Scrapple IMO the only similarity is that both are made with scraps of meat. In taste and texture they are decidedly unalike. I happen to enjoy scrapple and dislike Haggis but I am sure that is more based on developed tastes.

              Current day scrapple is made with pork shoulders and with less of the offal than in the past as an updated Haggis also has eliminated much of the offal used in the past. While I enjoy most all sausages(scrap family of products) it amazes me that people are often repelled by scrapple, with a second ingredient of corn meal, and love their sausages which are all fat and scraps and hot dogs....OMG. No my sir name is not Habbersett!

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            Whisky, Haggis, Neeps, Tatties & Poetry.

            1. re: Pedr0

              Just went to the Dandelion web page and nothing posted. The Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville is hosting a dinner / whiskey event for $115. There has to be something in Philly... Tira Na Nog or the Black Horse maybe

          3. It looks like Kennett, in Queen Village, is doing Burns night.