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Jan 18, 2012 06:12 PM

Rijstafel / rijsttafel / rijstaffel dinner at Quince

Just got back from my first rijstafel dinner at Quince (forgive the multiple spellings, I'm not sure what the correct spelling is, but my Dutch sister-in-law gave me the first spelling, Quince uses the 2nd, and I've seen the 3rd online).

Thanks to this thread for giving me the heads up about the event:

For $55, you get a ridiculous amount of delicious food. There were no duds in the dinner. The weakest dish was the pork belly, as it was overcooked. Here's tonight's menu (and yes, you get EVERYTHING on this menu).

Mains (came in 3 waves):

- Nasi goreng and steamed rice

- Lumpia

- Rempeh - spiced meat balls with coconut and ketjap coconut sauce

- Sate ajam - grilled chicken kebabs

- Sambal daging - braised pork stew with tamarind

- Udang rendang - spicy coconut shrimp with lime leaf

- Sambal goreng telor - eggs in spiced tomato sauce

- Ikan rica rica - fried fish in spicy sauce

- Gado gado - vegetable salad

- Rendang pedang - dark spiced braised beef with coconut

- Babi pangang - roasted pork belly, sweet sour sauce

- Ajam pedis - roasted chicken with chili, garlic, lemongrass, tamarind and kemerie nuts

- Sambal goreng boontjis - spiced fried green beans


- Atjar tjampour - sweet sour vegetables

- Seroundeng - fried coconut & peanuts

- Sambal goreng ketang kering - spiced deep fried potato match sticks

- Roedjak mani - spiced sweet fruit chutney

<unlisted> - dried garlic chips

- Kroepoek udang - shrimp chips


- Speculaas cake filled with almond paste

They plan on doing this 3 or 4 more times this year. I will definitely be attending another one, as I loved the food and thought it was tremendous valuec. Sign up for their email list, or follow them on twitter for the announcements.

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  1. I really wanted to go but when I called back in November they were already booked up! Will certainly try to attend the next one.

    1. I was there tonight too, great food. The menu was the same as the one of Sept 28, except the fried fish had a different sauce with lemongrass on that occasion.

      The next one will be in April, and there's one more planned for June.

      I hope they keep the price at $55 each. We had two lagers, a Camerons and a Creemore.

      1. Ha! Mr. Vuitton and I just returned from our evening!

        LOVED it! :)

        Dean is correct - same menu as the September event, but the fish was indeed different this time (different sauce).

        The beef rendang in the third plating/round was even better than I remembered. The meatballs in the first round were delicious and my laaard, the pork belly was so full of bacon-y, crispy goodness I wanted to faint. I think Mr. Vuitton had to slap me out fo the food coma I had so happily fallen into by the end of the meal.

        And as usual, the front of the house was so delightful with the lovely Ms. Jennifer at the helm. we are looking forward to the April event.

        1. sounds yummy :)

          My wife and I are going to be in Europe this July, during which we will have 3 days in Amsterdam, so I am already researching good rijstaffel places there!
          I'll have to keep my eyes open for the next time Quince does this.

          What about the regular menu? I've never eaten there, so was wondering if other Chowhounders have, and how they found it. Any specific things on the menu you'd recommend or not recommend?

          1. We also enjoyed our meal at Quince this evening. And TorontoJo is right -- no duds among all of those dishes. What a rarity given that's it's common to find at least one dud in a traditional app/main course/dessert meal in Toronto!

            Kudos to owners/partners Jennifer (front of house) and Michael (chef) for pulling off two very professionally executed and served seatings tonight with nary a bead of sweat between them. (I was seated upstairs with a view of the kitchen and all was completely calm back there.)

            By the way, it appears that there were a couple of last-minute cancellations. If you want to go next time but forgot/were not able to secure a reservation, you should call them just prior to the date, just in case...