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I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane...

In approx. 6 weeks, I will be leaving DC after 6 years. In these next 6 weeks, I want to try and hit up all the places that I have been and loved, or not been even though I should have! I am looking for suggestions of lesser known finds, good lunch, dinner, or happy hours, or even just places that you love and would want to eat again. My list (so far, and based on only 24 hours notice) includes:

- Cocktail tasting at the Columbia Room
- CF Folk (never worked close enough to go)
- Fiola/Elisir lunch bar specials
- Ethiopic (am leaving for a place without as much Ethiopian food
- Little Serow
- Crab cake sandwich at Stoney's, preferable to get rid of a morning-after hang over :)

Also critical will be the "last meal" before I leave. What would your last meal be?
Note: I have the financial means to splurge but don't want to go too crazy for every meal. I also have a gym membership to combat the added calories!

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  1. Too bad you're stuck in DC. The Lao menu at Bangkok Golden is better (and much cheaper) than Little Serow.

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    1. re: Steve

      Thought I replied... but will put Bangkok Golden on the list. I have a car so will travel for food!

      ETA: what specifically should I get? Is lunch or dinner better?

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        No difference between lunch and dinner. The nam kao (rice ball salad) is great. I sometimes order off-menu the som pa (fermented fish). Either raw -preferred- or fried, it's great. Just ask. Other dishes from the menu are the rice paste wrap, the kao piak sen (chicken noodle soup), beef jerky, grilled pork. Pretty much everything there is at least very good, but it is hard for me to imagine a Lao meal without fish and lots of raw ingredients like lemongrass, peanuts, and eggplant that accompany some of the dishes.

        Lao Menu is here:

    2. IF and its a big IF, I had already been to Fiola, then my last meal would either be at Komi or Rogue 24.

      What about the bar menu at Corduroy? Or the lickety split lunch at the bar at Restaurant Eve? The dessert tasting menu at CityZen? I would also want one last BGR Joint burger (of course they are expanding like crazy). And I would want some good Vietnamese food.

      Where are you moving to?

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        Good call on the lickety split lunch - I used to work in VA and just never made it.

        I am moving to Houston, so no need for BBQ. :)

      2. My final meal would likely be at The Source or Equinox (my bf's final blow out meal before moving away 4 years ago).

        I would also put on my list the bar at PS7 (for the tuna sliders alone...which are in my opinion the best dish in DC), Bar Pilar (great neighborhood spot, regardless of if it's your neighborhood or not), and maybe a food tour of Eastern Market...grab something at Market Lunch or a half smoke from one of the stands.

        Good luck on your next adventure!

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          Bar Pilar is closed right now! But great ideas - I went to The Source a few years ago and it was great.

          1. re: DCLindsey

            It's closed???? But....why!?!?!?!

            1. re: Elyssa

              Bar Pilar is currently closed for renovations for our second floor add on!

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                Where is my 'like' button? My only complaint about Bar Pilar is how crowded it can get. Awesome news.

        2. Oh and the burger at Palena!!! How could I possible forget Palena!

          1. Is the Stoney's related to those in S. MD? If so, I would pass on that. I haven't yet been, but in DC, Central has a great reputation for their crab cake. CF Folks version used to be the best, but that was a few years ago. The chef in place two years ago wasn't making them up to the old standard.

            Edit - sorry, I know this Stoney's. Good burgers, can't remark on the crabcakes. Was better in their old location, imo, but still an okay place (and not related to the places in S. MD that I was thinking about).

            1. I would guess DC Coast would have a good crabcake, I don't get them really often anywhere here in DC, I normally wait till I go to my Mom's in Annapolis.

              1. Consider a trip to Baltimore. I LOVE Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point - bacon apple pancakes, great coffee. I haven't been in a while but I always want to go!

                There's a great farmers market there, too, under the expressway. Or visit Lexington market. Baltimore is only an hour away and has great food (in my opinion!)

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                1. re: Jeserf

                  That's part of the plan too - my boyfriend lived there for a few years so we have to make a "last" stop. But I've never been to Blue Moon Cafe, it sounds great.

                  1. re: DCLindsey

                    it gets very, very crowded and is, I think, open from 3PM-3AM (at least from what I remember)....so be prepared to wait or go at a weird time if you can. Captain Crunch pancakes for the win.

                    I'm also a fan of Miss Shirleys....but I might be in the minority - it was great. My husband had coconut cream french toast and was happy as can be!

                2. Here's where my last meals would be:

                  Cashions - because I may never live this close to a great meal again.
                  Etete - because decent Ethiopian can be found in very few places.
                  Brunch at the Tabard Inn - because I may never be able to have both gumbo and fresh doughnuts for breakfast elsewhere.
                  Komi - because I've never been.
                  Half price oysters at Old Ebbott after 11pm - to remind me of fun with colleagues back when we were a start up that left the office that late.
                  Half-smoke and cheese fries at BCB - without irony.

                  1. This might sound odd, but I think if I were moving to such a car-centric place, I'd want to walk wherever I could!

                    You have some great suggestions. I don't have much to add (but haven't been in DC that long either) but definitely Ethiopian for sure.

                    Let us know where you go, especially for the last meal! That would be challenging for me. I mean, do you go JUST for great food? Or for the nostalgia? Ambiance? DC-ness? So may factors to consider. Enjoy!

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                    1. re: VaPaula

                      I would also add Rasika. I dont think you will find high end indian food in Houston.

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                        Va Paula - I totally agree on the "last meal". My friends and I are already debating on what to do. Currently, it may end up as a food/drink "crawl" so my last meal can be a little bit of everything.

                      2. hey no fair - wasn't that you asking the same question on Sietsema's chat the other day? I feel so, ...so... betrayed.

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                        1. re: hill food

                          That wasn't me! Those people have 6 months, I only have until March 1. Plus I have been to most of Tom's recs. :)

                          1. re: DCLindsey

                            ok all is forgiven. I hoped one would come to us first. (smirk)

                            I've heard Houston has a lot of good VN (and obviously no point in BBQ or steak in DC) so my "bucket list" would include Rasika, RIS on lamb chop night, Sushi Taro and Komi. and as mentioned Ethiopian.

                        2. First stop on the food farewell tour: Fiola for lunch. I stopped by and had their Presto Lunch - an entree and drink for $15. I had a glass of the Degani Valopicella and the buccatini with tomato basi arrabiata. The wine was pretty good and the pasta was great - spicy in a way that builds, and with plenty of good olive oil. It was really quick and the bartender was good.

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                            Next stops: Tuesday I went to the dentist and had an imprompto filling and a crown. Which did not make me a princess of anything and was therefore disappointing. I self medicated by going to the Mayflower Cafe Promonade and having Royal Tea with my best friend. I had the living social deal, which made it both reasonably priced and entertaining. We finished the evening off with drinks and truffle fries at West End Bistro.

                            Yesterday I went to Proof for their lunch deal. The house white was just ok but its only $12 for a glass of wine and food, so no complaints. I ordered the shrimp burger, which was more like a shrimp patty fried. The bite or 2 I had was good until...I bit down on some piece of metal. I have no idea what it was but once I told the bartender, it was quickly whisked away. The manager was very gracious, gave me some more wine and whatever else I wanted. I ended up with the grilled chicken with rice, with a sort of Indian inspired sauce (didn't relook at menu when I reordered). It was good - the sauce had a bit of spice, but there was a sort of slaw on the dish that cut through the spice. I also had the sticky toffee pudding on the house. The manager and bartender were appropriately horrified by what ever was in my food and very good about not charging me anything.