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Jan 18, 2012 05:05 PM

Going to Vegas 1/22-1/27/12

I am going to Vegas next week. I am traveling solo and am basically going for the food. I am staying on the strip and wont have a car. So far I only have a few meals planned. Mostly based on recommendations from people on this board. Last year went to Guy Savoy and loved it! So I want to have dinner there again. I also want to do the $20 lunch at Estiatorio Milos. And afternoon tea. The Bellagio and Four Seasons were mentioned here. Which one is the best?

My first time in Vegas I had a deli sandwich at the food court in NY NY that I thought was pretty good. Any recommendations for good deli on the strip? I noticed that there is a Carnegie Deli (cant remember which hotel) and thought I might try it.

The other thing I really want is a good french bistro meal. Where can I get the best steak frites? I saw it on the menu at Bouchon, anywhere else?

So that's all I have planned so far. This is my once a year food trip so I don't mind spending money for fabulous food. I would like to try some Asian restaurants, and at least one "celebrity" restaurant (but only if the food is good). I would also like to try a quintessential "old school" Vegas restaurant (Peppermill maybe?)

I would welcome any recommendations.

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  1. For steak frites I always enjoy Mon Ami Gabi at Paris
    Carnegie Deli is at the Mirage. The reviews I've read have been very mediocre. The major complaint seems to be dry meat on the sandwiches.

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      I second Mon Ami Gabi, their food is wonderful, never eaten the steak frites there though.

    2. I think the deli at NYNY is way better than the Carnegie Deli at Mirage

      1. strongly recommend mozen bistro at mandarin oriental

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