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Jan 18, 2012 05:05 PM

Going to Vegas 1/22-1/27/12

I am going to Vegas next week. I am traveling solo and am basically going for the food. I am staying on the strip and wont have a car. So far I only have a few meals planned. Mostly based on recommendations from people on this board. Last year went to Guy Savoy and loved it! So I want to have dinner there again. I also want to do the $20 lunch at Estiatorio Milos. And afternoon tea. The Bellagio and Four Seasons were mentioned here. Which one is the best?

My first time in Vegas I had a deli sandwich at the food court in NY NY that I thought was pretty good. Any recommendations for good deli on the strip? I noticed that there is a Carnegie Deli (cant remember which hotel) and thought I might try it.

The other thing I really want is a good french bistro meal. Where can I get the best steak frites? I saw it on the menu at Bouchon, anywhere else?

So that's all I have planned so far. This is my once a year food trip so I don't mind spending money for fabulous food. I would like to try some Asian restaurants, and at least one "celebrity" restaurant (but only if the food is good). I would also like to try a quintessential "old school" Vegas restaurant (Peppermill maybe?)

I would welcome any recommendations.

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  1. For steak frites I always enjoy Mon Ami Gabi at Paris http://www.monamigabi.com/home/?loc=v...
    Carnegie Deli is at the Mirage. The reviews I've read have been very mediocre. The major complaint seems to be dry meat on the sandwiches.

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      I second Mon Ami Gabi, their food is wonderful, never eaten the steak frites there though.

    2. I think the deli at NYNY is way better than the Carnegie Deli at Mirage

      1. strongly recommend mozen bistro at mandarin oriental

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