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Jan 18, 2012 04:54 PM

Guy From The Bush ....Needs 6 burners, grill, 2 ovens ....Totaly propane non electric who makes one?

Hi folks

I am a simple guy from the bush that needs a killer stove to feed my hunting/fishing groups...I am worn out looking for a stove that will meet my needs... I am 50 miles by boat/snow machine from a road we use propane only, no genny so we don't have electricity.. my groups can be as big as 12 people and so 6 HOT burners and 2 ovens are a must....It can be a modern looking thing, but a rustic old thing would be cool....will be island mounted between kitchen and dining area...Please can anyone help....


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  1. Here is one from Blue Star. I would contact the manufacturer for more details and they can put you in touch with a dealer. Hope this helps.

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      That Blue Star has electric ignition. He needs standing pilots.

    2. Just a suggestion - look for auctions for restaurant equipment sales (out of business). You can get AMAZING deals for commercial gear that will last you forever - and they'll have the big BTUs that you want. The only thing is that you'll need to figure out - pre-auction-day - if you can get the propane conversion kit for the gear. But ... since you are "out there", it's also possible that the restaurant in question may be already using propane.

      There are always good deals out there for dual wall ovens on craigslist. I got a GE single 30" electric wall oven for a mere $75. The trickier bit for you will be that "big monster 6 burner cooktop or range" - unless it's a commercial model.

      1. Two ovens with only six burners is a problem. Here's a two-oven commercial range with ten burners:

        Island mounted? Another problem. You need ventilation above. Maybe the backsplash can be taken off a commercial range. Correction: On looking at the detailed specs, you can get it with a low-profile back. And you can have six burners and a griddle.

        The ventilation is the interesting part. You will need a hood above vented to the outside, but you can't have fans — it has to vent by convection. Better hire an HVAC guy to design that.

        1. By the way, if there's no road, how will the propane truck get there? Will you haul in portable tanks? A 9 gallon tank weighs 70 lbs and holds 860,000 BTUs. If you turn everything on for the range I picked, it will burn about 250,000 BTUs/ hr. A 23 gallon tank weighs 170 lbs. And contains 2 million BTUs.

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            Thanks for the replies...propane comes by barge and I have 2 tanks a1000 gal and a 500gal they last a long time...when its -50 we use a little more he he....We have a big home made hood/fan for the smoke so that wont be a problem..

            1. re: BigDan

              Hey Big Dan;
              I feel your pain.
              I've lived 11 miles from the nearest power line since 1991, and my job is renewable energy consulting for remote, fly-in fishing and hunting lodges.
              It's become VERY hard to find any decent ranges or ovens that don't require electricity. Ovens are the worst! So many of them now have electric glow-bars for ignition, and these use 500 watts whenever you are cooking. Absurd! Piezo for the stovetop burners isn't as bad, but still needs a 120vac plug in.
              Lots of off-grid people look for old, vintage ranges that still use pilots. Some of them are gorgeous works of art. And there are still a few that use pilot lights -- look thru the Lehman's catalog (Amish outfit). But you are unlikely to find a pro-size unit like you want.

              What *I* would do -- get a nice big top of line 'outdoor' type cooktop with 6 or 8 burners, and vent it really well (even a small 12vdc fan maybe), find a couple vintage ovens that use pilot lights, and mount them under the cooktop to make your own island.

              That's the best I can come up with right now.....

          2. For the stove, how about getting 6 simple cast iron gas rings? As primitive as you can get, but they put out a lot of heat, run off LP gas, and don't need electricity. They are also indestructible and inexpensive.

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              Beat me to it. I have two on my boat. I've served breakfast to order for forty cruisers in less than an hour. For stoves, I recommend RV or marine websites. Hideously expensive new, they can be found for as little as fifty bucks US used.