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Jan 18, 2012 03:57 PM

100% cotton aprons

I have been trying to replace some old aprons we have that are starting to show their age. They have a bib front, and are long, and of a very nice cotton twill that bleaches, washes and irons beautifully. In short, they are classic aprons. Others that I've seen always seem to be poly/cotton. Does anyone know of a source for a nice 100% cotton twill apron?

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  1. I have never tired these, but I believe Williams Sonoma do sell many full cotton aprons:

    I am sure there are many other sources. I am just naming one.

    1. They're often available through online industrial supply/uniform sellers. E.g.,

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        I have a bunch like these in white, Roxlet, still holding up after 20+ years. The fabric might be a little light to call "twill" exactly, but they do the job.