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Jan 18, 2012 03:46 PM

Best Burgers in Orange or Ulster County

Looking for a place with a Great Burger no frozen Black Angus Hockey Pucks
I'm hopeing this will not be a short list

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  1. I don't know where you are in Orange/Ulster, but on a day when you have enough time, cross the river to Beacon and eat at Poppy's, my favorite burger place. Wonderfully delicious grass fed fresh burgers. I know it's not in Orange or Ulster, but it is only 5 minutes away from Newburgh so I wanted to mention it!

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      Upon CH advice, we visited Poppy's in Beacon, NY following a family wedding. Yes, the burgers are good and handmade, but they are not great. However, the service was shoddy, the venue looked like a bus stop and there were no plates, napkins or silverware. For two burgers, two cans of beer and a small fries - the total was over $30. Sorry to say, but I would skip this place in the future...

      1. re: Oakland Gal

        They usually do have napkins, so maybe they just ran out. But as for the other stuff, it's supposed to be a casual place. That's what Chowhound is about, finding places with good food, whether it's a total hole in the wall or a 5 star restaurant. The ambiance certainly isn't fancy, but I do think it suits their needs for the type of place they are. They probably should have silverware though for people who might want it, despite only serving burgers and fries. I'm sorry you didn't like it, though, I always feel bad when people take suggestions and are disappointed. Although I don't think their pricing is outrageous. Approximately $6-7/beer (local microbrews) $6/burger, $3/fries, plus tax - seems reasonable to me, and not different than what you'd pay at other restaurants.

    2. Raccoon Saloon on Rt. 9W in Marlboro. Great burgers and homemade potato chips. Also homemade catsup, which is a bit on the sweet side.

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      1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

        I love those burgers, pair them with the view from the back tables against the windows and I'm a happy camper. The calamari salald over curried greens is also delicious.

      2. My new favorite is at the Gunk Haus in Clintondale, which is in Ulster County. It comes with a good slaw and I love the pretzel bun. Excellent french fries, too.

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        1. re: Leslie

          These are exactly the type of establishments I am looking for,
          not the Cookie Cutter Burger Places

        2. About four years ago, I reviewed the burger at the Armadillo Bar and Grill, on Abeel Street in Kingston.

          I had one just last night and it was as good as it has ever been.

          Armadillo Bar & Grill
          97 Abeel St, Kingston, NY 12401

          1. The best burgers I've *ever* had are at Sweeney's Irish Pub on Orange Ave in Walden (Orange County). They're so flavorful and moist (I only order them rare or medium rare) I eat them without any condiments whatsoever.