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Jan 18, 2012 03:38 PM

Naples Stone Crab Resturant

Little Help

Was in Key Largo last weekend and met someone that said there was a resturant in Naples all you can eat and drink for $50 cash. Watch the boat offload and crab go straight to the kitchen. I forget the name of the place or he forgot to give it to me...

Thanks in Advance


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  1. Maybe Kelly's Fish House, but the price seems suspiciously low, especially the drinking part. Not in Naples, really not anywhere for that matter. I like Trulucks and they have a Stone Crab promotion all you can eat on Mondays. Regular menu lists $21 for one jumbo claw. They have their own boats but since they are on Fifth Ave., no watching boats come in. $50 maybe for a bottle of ok wine.

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      Thanks LiMS

      Maybe it was Kelly's did a search for them could not find any post on them after 2009? Where/are they on the water?


      1. re: don515

        It's right on the Gordon River where it runs under US 41. Right in the thick of things in the older part of Naples.

        Totally lacking in Naples glitz. Kind of a dive, in a good way. Not a bad thing at all.