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Jan 18, 2012 03:05 PM

Trader Joes??

I'm sure this will be moved to chain or news soon by the mods but thought i'd share...

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  1. This will be great if it happens. I've always been led to believe that Trader Joes was not going to enter the Colorado market until the liquor law was changed. I happened to be in Providence, Rhode Island this past Mon/Tues and stopped in a Trader Joes. I was surprised that they did not sell wine. I asked about it at the facility where I was doing a regulatory audit and they said that the Rhode Island law also does not allow wine sales in grocery stores. Hmmm...maybe TJ's has reconsidered.

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      this is true in NY as well but a little less stringent. in NY you can't sell wine in a grocery store but i think you can sell beer. and in colorado stores use a drug store license to sell liquor in their shops. this is what i've heard so not sure what part of it is actually true. i know that the TJ's in NY near my moms house doesn't sell alcohol and the TJ in manhattan sells it in a separate store across the street. i believe in conn. its the same as NY and TJ's doesn't sell alcohol at all. that's why i didn't buy the alcohol excuse. but as someone pointed out to me it's probably the lack of having a close distribution center combined with strict liquor laws made colorado not a priority for TJ.

      besides, it's one of those stores that seems like it's met with hesitancy and disappointment for those who never lived with a TJ near them. i always get the 'what's the big deal' reaction. i've had one since 1991 in my life so it's hard to shake the dependency. when i go to denver to see relatives it seems weird to not have one near the cherry creek mall. it just seems like the right demographic to me.