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Jan 18, 2012 02:28 PM

Fresh Market - Scarsdale

Anyone been yet?

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  1. After Fairway Pelham's calm and peaceful opening day ~2 years ago? Maybe in a few weeks, hopefully it's not going to be Fig and Olive II: The Supermarket!

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        Route 22 across from Lord and Taylor (Old Navy used to be there, Encore Books before that, maybe Waldbaum's before that).

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            Yeah, there's little logic to supermarket zoning in this county. Some people will say that TJ's has more value oriented packaged items. I prefer everything under one roof to smaller stores that "complement" each other.

      2. I was there yesterday. When I walked in, I was handed a reusable shopping bag, with a small package of coffee in it. I would compare it more to Whole Foods than to Fairway. It is smaller than I thought it would be, and they have these little double basket shopping carts, probably acknowledging that there would be traffic jams with regular carts. At every turn, someone was offering you something to try. I bought some bread, and the baguette was pretty good. THey seem to devote a fair amount of space to high margin items like nuts and spices. The meat and fish counters looked like they had a lot of pre-marinated items. The veg and fruits seemed OK, but not overwhelmingly wonderful. As I said, it's smaller than you'd expect -- that Old Navy always seemed cavernous. The biggest problem that I can see is parking. I went mid-afternoon, which I can already see is not a good time to go there. I had to stalk people leaving the store after going around and around a couple of times. I might try going there to see what it's like some morning. It's maybe a little closer to me than the Whole Foods at Ridge Hill, which IMHO, I think is a better store.

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          Thanks for the review. I can imaginwe what the parking is going to be like - that place has always been tough.

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            I too went yesterday...

            Overall I liked it...smaller than whole foods/fairway but lot bigger than trader joes.

            salad bar had good prepared items....very broad selection of breads, really liked the artisanal baguette...good selection of fruits and veggies but smaller amounts sitting out...lots of kinds of organic potatoes...satsumas much cheaper than whole foods...

            big selection of nuts...prepared desserts did not look v attractive...sushi coffee tasting...very limited selection of hummus (just greek gourmet brand)...great olive bar

            overall a blend of whole foods/balducci/trader glad it opened...parking at 10 AM was not an issue

            1. re: gurud

              Yes, I figured the morning would be a better time to go than 3PM, which is when I got there.

            2. re: roxlet

              Excellent review. If I lived there, I'd sure as hell take it under advisement.

            3. I don't live in NY, but can give you an overall opinion on what is good at Fresh Market. Their rotisserie chickens are good when they just come out of the rotisserie oven, ground lamb for a great price, their french baguette is our go-to for making delicious garlic bread, they carry Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon that often goes on sale for $3.99/pkg, they carry Mexican Coca-Cola that is not made with HFCS - just sugar, their banana bread and cranberry orange walnut poundcakes are delicious in the bakery, beautiful multi-colored heirloom tomatoes, free coffee samples, and the fresh squeezed tangerine juice, blood orange juice, and lemonades are amazing.

              If you are looking for nitrite free/preservative free deli meats, you will have to go to Whole Foods since the majority of their deli meats contain nitrites. Also, if you are looking for Partially Hydrogenated Free foods, take careful notice of their bulk snacks and other packaged snack items - many do contain PH oils in them.

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                I was there a few days ago for a walk around. I was told that they only sell thei hotr rotisserie chicken for 4 hours. After that, it is given to the deli to make salad.

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                  I especially love the white wine rotisserie chicken. They used to do shrimp egg rolls too, those were wonderful especially if I got them in the half-price cooler.

                2. I went last night. Parking was horrific (it always is in that lot). I thought the store was pretty average. It reminds me of Turco's or Stew Leonards, all glitz and display with no depth. It seems to be oriented to the grab n' go takeout crowd rather than to people who cook.
                  The meat department was good, with several varieties of German wursts. The bread was really good. But the deli department was totally sad, with just a few offerings. The produce was no better than at the Stop and Shop, despite the lavish display. And they lacked many basics of gourmet stores. I couldn't find green lentils, for example. In many categories, there was little selection. The olive bar looked stunning, but when I looked closely, there was only 3 kinds of olives, and they looked picked over. That was kind of the metaphor for the place - looks stunning, but when you check closely, it isn't that great.
                  I would say that Fairway is still my favorite gourmet store followed by Whole Foods. I still do most of my real shopping at a regular supermarket though