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Jan 18, 2012 01:52 PM

Banh Mi in Reseda?

Where can I get a good banh mi with delicious fillings in Reseda? I went to one place, a real mom and pop joint on a North-South street there, but found the chicken to be really bland. Should I go to Sandwich Express?

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  1. Yes...their baguettes are really good. Though take my recommendation with a grain of salt...the only banh mi I've ever had. But I like it. If you don't, you are only out a few bucks. Good luck.

    1. Sandwich Express is very good.Reseda should consider itself lucky to have it. Their banh mi with egg is wonderful.

      1. Is Sandwich Express on the NE corner of Amigo and Sherman Way? Wow. That place brings back memories of when I went to Reseda Elementary and used to stop into the coffee shop that used to be there in the 70s to buy candy. I definitely need to visit the old 'hood to check out what it now has to offer. Thanks!

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        1. Sandwich Express is good. Also, not totally authentic, but there is also Bun Me on Reseda and Prairie. Good quality ingredients, but more "hip" to cater to the CSUN students.

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            I agree that Bun Me is not totally authentic because of the bread, although the owner is trying to convince customers on yelp otherwise. The bread is so much squishier, more like a sub roll than a baguette - none of the malty flavor or crunch. I prefer to order sandwiches on the special (longer, thinner) baguette from Sandwich Express. Was always curious about the place in the same shopping center as Vinh Loi Tofu and La Baguette, but never had a chance to try. Seems like many more Viet shops are popping up around this area, which is exciting, though I'm no longer working around there.

            Their charcuterie at Bun Me is solid though, and the pate is surprisingly livery, which I like. They also make a really excellent bo kho.

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              Maiweezy, I think you're referring Van Sandwiches, which is where I went yesterday. It was good, and at $3.50 a sandwich, was a good deal. I had the grilled pork and the grilled chicken--both fine. I always mean to venture into the world of Vietnamese cold cuts, but I'm afraid of ones that are, in fact, too livery. I'll try Sandwich Express next.

          2. I've eaten at Sandwich Express two or three times. I've never been to Little Saigon, so I don't have anything to compare, but I have no complaints.

            If I lived closer, I'd go more often.