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Jan 18, 2012 01:51 PM

Solo dining?

I am heading to NOLA in a couple of weeks, working with a group of teen students. Because of complicated logistics, I am actually arriving several hours ahead of them on a Thursday me the opportunity for one meal in peace and deliciousness.

My husband and I were in NOLA almost 2 years ago, and we hit: Herbsaint, Lillette, and August. I've also, on separate occasions, been to NOLA's. Looking for a recommendation for a place where I would enjoy dining alone--either somewhere that one can eat at the bar, or just generally wouldn't feel out of place. I have some serious dietary restrictions, so a place like Cochon or Luke's is not ideal. I'll be cabbing it no matter what, so location is flexible (Quarter or not).

Thanks, all!!!

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  1. When she's here alone my GF enjoys the Three Muses bar for solo dining. Small plates, nice variety of food, live music, and no hassles. There are a few places around with tiny bars that are fun to dine alone at: Boucherie, Green Goddess, and Cafe Degas come to mind. The smaller places tend not to attract roving crowds of inebriates; sometimes a place like Emeril's, where I do like to eat at the bar alone, is a little too much of a scene to be very comfortable alone.

    1. As a solo diner I've enjoyed eating at the Chef's Bar at Emeril's. Eating at the bar at Coquette is also a possibility. I've done the same at Mr. B's a number of times. I'm sure by the time all the hounds chime in, you'll have to arrive a week before the teens instead of just a day.

      Edited to add: ditto on the places mentioned by montuori and please report back to let us know where you went!

      1. Besides the recs. so far, there are probably 3, fairly recent threads here, on ladies dining alone. In those, there were also many good recs.



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          Most queries have been asked/answered many times over. Read the sticky, do a board search.

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            I actually had read most of the recent threads, thanks. T

            hanks all, for the recs. Looks like Mr. B's, Coquette, or Emeril's. Leaning towards Mr. B's or Emeril's, just bc Coquette feels more like something I can get in NYC. Boucherie is intriguing. Clearly, need to be planning a longer trip again soon!

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              I've seen...and been one of the...people eating alone at Antoine's , Galatoire's, Clancy, Commander's, Bayona..on many occasions. I am frequently alone at Galatoire's and there are often single ladies there, too. It's a great place for solo eating.

            2. re: JazzyB

              Actually, I seldom need dining recs. for solo. If I do, in NOLA, I have plenty of restaurants to choose from.

              Now, I do think that the OP might glean several suggestions for such, but I do not need them - thanks.