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Jan 18, 2012 01:34 PM

Music clubs in Uptown/Carrollton area? (besides The Maple Leaf?)

I am going to be staying in the Uptown area in mid-March and am interested in hearing some great live music. I love rock, blues, jazz, zydeco, etc. Other than the Maple Leaf, which is near where I will be staying (although I heard it has practicall no seats except for a few at the bar), are ther any other places you folks can recommend? I won't have a car, although I will be near the St. Charles Streetcar. I am especially interested in a cool, somewhat classy place wher my wife and I can sit and have a couple of drinks and hear some great music. Thanks in advance, Chowhounds!

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  1. Rock ’n Bowl isn’t too far. Dos Jefes has good music but is very smoky. Les Bons Temps Roule has good music, but can get very claustrophobic. Tipitina’s is the best venue, especially now that it’s smoke free, but it also doesn’t have seats. Columns Hotel does jazz on the patio a few nights a week. Oh, and just across the Parish line is Southport Hall, which is also very close to the Mapleleaf.

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      Check out Oak, only a few doors down from Maple Leaf. It's a wine bar with food. Live music Thurs - Sat.

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        Second Bayou Teche's recommendation of OAK Wine bar.

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          thank you very much. about how long a walk would it be to Southport? What kind of music and crowd? I am in my early 60's but have seen hundreds of roc, blues and jazz shows.

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            For distance you could walk to Southport but i wouldn't walk that terrain from the other places mentioned. Skinny road, no sidewalks, ditches.

            Most of the uptown places are clustered but walking between clusters is probably not recommended.