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Jan 18, 2012 12:43 PM

Group dinner in the French Quarter

I am heading to New Orleans in March for a bachelorette party. The group is made up of first-timers and regulars. We will have 2-3 dinners and I want to make they are all fun with excellent food and offer a true New Orleans experience. We have most of the itinerary figured out so far, but I am looking for recommendations for Friday night. We are looking for a French Quarter restaurant that would be fun for 10 women in their late 20s and early 30s with entrees in the $25 range. If you have bar recommendations afterward that would be a plus. Here is the itinerary so far:

-Thursday night - Herbsaint (only half the group will be in town for this one)
-Friday night - Looking for a rec in the FQ - a local friend recommended Muriels, NOLA, Bourbon House or Stella (dont want to spend that much if we can avoid it)
-Saturday night - Dick and Jenny's and then out to some nearby spots to hear live music

Please let me know your thoughts for Friday and if you have any comments on the rest of the itinerary. Thanks!

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  1. I had a ladies' dinner of about this size at Iris recently, and it was wonderful. They have excellent cocktails, very good food, a pretty room, good service, and the price point is exactly where you want to be. Highly recommended.

    1. I don't think Bourbon House is special enough for just a few nights. Arnaud's handles large groups well and is in the heart of the FQ. Nola would be good too, though.

      1. Thanks for your replies.... We wound up with a Friday reservation at Muriels. Thoughts?

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          I stand by my original rec of Iris. The food is much better, at the same price point. But if you've already made reservations, what difference does it make?

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            My friend made the reservation and it can always be changed. Thanks for the rec.