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Jan 18, 2012 12:25 PM

Looking for Kronan Swedish Punsch

Now that Kronan is available in the U.S., does anyone know where it's being sold in San Diego, preferably in North County?

I almost always make a stop at Holiday Wine Cellar for my beer purchases when I visit and while the liquor selection there is definitely above average, I can't remember if they carry other Haus Alpenz products. BevMos in my area carry some the Haus Alpenz products but not Kronan and I wouldn't count on other BevMos to do so. What are the specialty/cocktail geek type bottle shops in the county to check out?

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  1. Judging by the name, it must be made by IKEA and self- assembled.

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      Not furniture.


      1 USD = 5.9 Norwegian Krone

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          Does it count that I'm half Swedish..

          What's that beer/bottle shop Josh loves in IB?
          Del Mesa Liquor usually has some great stuff..

          1. re: Beach Chick

            South Bay Drugs?

            I've read that it's been closed for a while and is in the process of reopening somewhere.

      1. KNB Wine Cellars Near SDSU and right next to Windmill Farms. You have to walk past the wine and spirits part of the store to get to the bistro. It certainly is an interesting bottle shop.

        Beverages 4 Less In Santee, the same parking lot as Sab E Lee.
        Large selection of craft beers.

        Unsure if either has the Kronan, but you can ask.

        1. Have tried to contact somebody from the House of Sweden in Balboa Park or the Vasa Society?They might have a beer aficionado around that might know where you can get it.