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Jan 18, 2012 11:50 AM

Rome: Palatium or Trattoria Cardona for lunch before All'Oro for dinner

Hi everyone,
We leave for Venice in one week and I'm back again with one last question. On our last day in Rome (a Friday), we have tickets to Galleria Borghese from 11:00-1:00 p.m. We also have 9:30 p.m. reservations that night at All'Oro, our one splurge meal. I wanted to have lunch at Palatium after Borghese but am concered that since I can't make a reservation, we'll have to wait a long time on a Friday and then we won't be hungry enough for our splurge dinner that night. Should we scrap Palatium and make a reservation at Cardona? How long are typical waits for lunch at Palatium?

Thanks, as always.

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  1. Mmm....I don't think I'd go to Cadorna for lunch the same day as All'Oro for dinner. The portions at Cadorno are hearty and huge. Palatium might be your safer bet, and just stick with something light (salad and cheese platter?) I wouldn't worry too much about the wait.

    Does location matter? Because this could be the day you to to Pizzarium. While it's not exactly light, you can manage portion control.

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      That could be a possibility, but we were going to do Pizzarium on Thurs. right after our Context tour of the Vatican ends at 12:00 - and we're going to L'arcangelo that night for gnocchi (another big meal). But since our tour ends so early and Palatium is closer to our hotel, we could switch it. And since we've got no real plans scheduled for after Galleria Borghese on Friday, we could hoof it back to Pizzarium. You may be onto something!

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        youre not going to want to be hoofing it to Pizzarium from the Galleria Borghese - more like taking the Metropolitana. Its a much smaller walk - but not inappreciable from St. Peters (tho less so from the Vatican Museum) over to Pizzarium. To me it seems like Palatium would be a good choice for your post-Borghese meal.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Well, Palatium was always our first choice, both for food and location - just worried about how long we will have to wait for a table...