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Jan 18, 2012 11:50 AM

Jackson MS to Mobile AL on 49/98

will be traveling to FL from Ft Worth next week and midpoint is Hattisburg MS.
Any suggestions on good eats on 49/98? Oh just an FYI....on the return trip, I'll be diverting over to Lorman MS then up to Vicksburg.

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    1. You won't find a place in NOLA with free parking. Parking runs about $30.00 a night at most NOLA hotels. Just put parking in your budget and don't worry about it. Here's a few places to stop and rest on your way.

      Here's some joints to stop and rest for lunch on your way from FL to LA.

      The best seafood in Mobile, AL is at Wintzell's Oyster House. Get off I 10 at Exit 26 A and go W on Canal Steet. Go .4 mile and turn right on S Washington Avenue. Turn right and go .3 mile to Dauphine Street. Take a right and Wintzell's will be on your right. The best BBQ in the area is at Brick Pit. Get off I 10 at Exit 15B and go N on Highway 90 for 3 miles to Demetropolis Road. Take a left and continue on Demetropolis Road which becomes S University Boulevard. Go about 5 miles from the left you took on Demetropolis to Old Shell Road. Take a right and go to Brick Pit for outstanding BBQ. For fine po boy's and fresh seafood get off I 10 at Exit 15A and go N on Government Boulevard to Hall's Mill Road just past the shopping center on the right. Take a right and go to the Boiling Point.

      Wintzell's Oyster House @ 605 Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 251 - 432 - 4605.

      The Brick Pit @ 5456 Old Shell Rd., Mobile, AL 251 - 343 - 0001.

      The Boiling Pot @ Suite G, 5300 Halls Mill Road, Mobile, AL 251 - 602 - 8405.

      Stop by Old Country Store for good country food in Lorman and Rusty's in Vicksburg or Walnut Hills.

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        Ate at Wintzell"s this September and thourghly enjoyed the ambience and oysters. Great area for a walk before or after. Went to other places for dinner and dessert. Not worth mentioning.

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          that's the only reason TO go to Lorman! It's been a little over 2 yrs since I was there. Gotta get my fix.....

        2. We have eaten at the Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg, MS several times and have always been pleased. It’s on Hardy Street (That’s the street than runs on the south side of Southern Mississippi University. It’s it’s a few blocks east of I-59 (That’s a bypass for both US 49 and 98 around Hattiesburg).
          I also understand that Chesterfields has reopened. We ate there a few times before it burned. I understand that it’s now also on Hardy Street but west of I-59 somewhere near the shopping mall.

          1. Leatha's is just W of I 59 on # 98. It's hard to spot behind a RV sales lot but look for the smoke. The Shed is also good BBQ. Purple Parrott may be the best place in town.

            Leatha's BBQ Inn @ 6374 Hwy. 98, Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 271 - 6003.

            The Shed BBQ @ 126 Mobile Street, Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 336- 6755.


            Purple Parrott Cafe @ 3904 Hardy St., Hattiesburg, MS. 601 - 264 - 0672.


            1. as a followup....just finished the round trip and thought I'd share.....Friday afternoon stopped at Brickpit in Mobile...2 passengers had the pulled pork and I the ribs. The pulled pork was pretty darn good and a very tasty sauce. Ribs were ordered without sauce, as I feel Q should stand its own merits... chewy on the thin ends but once you got to the thicker pieces VERY tender! Tried with the sauce and that added a very nice touch. Beans were ok but could have been a little smokier with some meat chunks added. As we left, we saw that Hattiesburg was about 2 hours away and I asked if anyone was willing to try some more Q and one replied.."I'm up to the challange!" Off we went to Leatha's hoping to just grab a pork sandwich after having a fairly large lunch. That didn't happen. Full meals only. We all ordered pulled pork and the waitress asked me why I didn't want the ribs. I explained I just had ribs and was pretty full still. She said I HAD to try it and if I'd order a "combo" of 1/2 each, I could take one bite of the ribs and, if not satisfied, she would replace it with the pulled pork. A completely different experience. Went to try a rib and the bone pulled out clean. The other travelers just gasped when they tried the pulled pork. Super sweet which wasn't really that bad! granted it's kinda greasy but very nice. We preferred the Mississippi Q over the 'Bama. Breakfast the next morning was for the Holy Grail of fried chicken! Old Country Store in Lorman. Mr D didn't disappoint! Great service staff and he visited for quite some time when he found out we were from Florida has he is originally from Ft Pierce and settled there. He entertained the masses that showed up and everyone left stuffed. My southern daughter even tried his greens..a first for her. Both riders had the blackberry cobbler and it was heaven in a bowl. Now I have to pull out some of the extra chicken we brought to Texas for lunch!

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                Isn't that cobbler the best? I dream of that stuff- and the chicken is really hard to beat as well!

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                  Great TR. Thanks for taking the time to tell about your trip. I need to get back to Leatha's. Good luck.