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Jan 18, 2012 11:40 AM

Any Fromagerie to recommend?


A very last minute opportunity to travel to Paris just opened up, so I've only managed to do a quick search on where to buy cheese to cart back home. These are the 2 places that were recommended:
1) Fromagerie Laurent Dubois, Saint Germain
2) Le Bon Marche

Are they any good? Where else would you recommend to check out? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Also, on a side note, I read through some of the threads on must-try places to eat and they all sound wonderful. I'd really like to check some of them out when I have some free time on my own. Do these popular places accommodate single diners ?


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  1. 1) is very good.
    Also all the Beillevare stores.
    And the fromager in Marché St Quentin who has a sign indicating he will vacuum-pack your "nasty cheeses" for your Eurostar ride.
    And of course The Ultimate Cheese Guy.

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      Dubois is very good, one of the best in Paris. Le Bon Marche is good but not the best in Paris, that said if it was in another country it could be the best there. Bon Marche is also a vast food hall so great for one-stop shopping with lots and lots of treats to take home (they may not vacumn pack cheese though). Close by is "Barthelemy" which is another superb cheese shop (closed for lunch from 1:00 to 3:00 I think), it specialises in Roquefort whilst Dubois is Comte (both have big ranges of other cheese).

      On the side note - yes solo dining no problem.

    2. Pascal Trotte on Rue St Antoine in the 4th has the best 36 month Comte and St Marcellin I have found anywhere in Paris. They will also vacuum for you.

      1. We enjoyed Fromagerie Quatrehomme, 62 rue de Sèvre in the 5th (Métro Duroc or Vaneau). They were very friendly and had a nice selection that was well cared for.

        Bonus points for Eric Kayser being around the corner for some bread to go with that cheese!

        1. Second Dubois (probably best in town, rue Lourmel and bd Saint Germain), Beillevaire (many stores), also Alléosse (rue Poncelet), Cantin (rue du Champ de Mars), Androuet (many shops), Quatrehomme (rue de Sèvres and rue Tolbiac), and of course there are many good ones that are not stars. More importantly, good cheese exists outside of good cheese shops -- just try and buy the cheeses who look good to you. Avoid buying cheese without tasting it first.

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          1. re: souphie

            Thanks so much for sharing your opinions and the other cheese shops too.Much appreciated, can't wait to check some of them out =)

          2. For many reasons not a fan of Quatrehomme, some of my favs have been mentioned, Barthelemy is closed IIRC from 1:30 to 4:00, but has excellent product, albeit very expensive. Their clacbitou is wonderful, only shop to have this producer's giant product. Chez Virginie near Lamark-Caulaincourt is great for odd and rare cheeses, as petit fiance from the Arriege. Fromagerie Foucher on rue Mouffetard ages his Corsican products perfectly. Dubois is indeed the king, but many others are super as well. Dubois at Place Maubert stays open through lunch, but the shop on Rue Lourmel closes from 1 to 4. As souphie says taste , and taste more. What l love does not mean that you will as well.