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Jan 18, 2012 11:40 AM

Paris with a Broken Leg! Will these restaurants accommodate?

We are leaving for Paris in a couple of weeks. I recently broke my kneecap (ouch!). I am on cructches and in a full leg brace, though expect to lose the crutches well before the trip. It occurred to me that some of the restaurants on our list may not be able to/may not want to accommodate
my need for a bit of extra space (my leg needs to be fully extended at all times). Here is where we
are planning to dine - would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions:
Chez L'Ami Jean
Aux Fins Gourmet
Dome du Marais or Cafe des Musees
Josephine Chez Dumonet

Thank you!

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  1. The only doubt I have is chez L'Ami Jean. Not that they are mean about the handicapped, but there is just no space at dinner time.
    Is your reservation there for dinner or lunch? If lunch, no problem. If dinner, you might want to call them ahead of time to inform them that you will be in crutches.
    The other restos should have no problem.
    I imagine that for all the restaurants, when the staff - and the other diners - see the condition you're in, they will make room for you.

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      Thank you - that is reassuring.

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        Would L'Ardoise be a good substitution for Cafe des Musee or Dome du Marais for Sunday evening post-opera dinner (at Palais Garnier)? I am thinking about proximity/my leg, etc