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Jan 18, 2012 11:14 AM

Recommendation in Providence for affordable restaurant

My daughter wants to take my wife and I to dinner when we pick her up from college next month. She sent us menus for Capriccio and Cafe Nuovo but we don't feel comfortable her spending that kind of money.

What are good restaurants for the $15-$20 range for entrees. We're not the Clampetts but we're not the Rockefflers either if you know what I mean.


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  1. I think Broadway Bistro is a very nice bet. Fairly limited menu, but most (maybe all?) entrees are $20 and under.

    Capriccio and Nuovo are tired and overpriced.

    1. I will second the Broadway Bistro rec. If it's a weekend night I recommend getting reservations. Loie Fullers is another solid option for a reasonable price point and good, creative food. But BB is my first choice.

      1. I'll third Broadway Bistro.
        Parkside is also solid and just on the edge of $20 an entree if you prefer to remain downcity.

        There is also La Latiterie. Depending on what you order you can easily stay under $20.00, though they often have some offerings a step above.

        Baccarro would be an option as well if you go with salumeria menu (Italian tapas), instead of the formal dining room upstairs. Even if you chose the latter, most of the pastas are around your price point.

        1. Bacaro is wonderful. Another option is is across from Trinity Square Rep...18 seats around a U-shaped bar. The menu, which, is shown on monitors on the walls consists mostly of tapas, although you can get large plates, also, and, it is not that expensive. It is very intimate; they DO accept reservations. The fun is, because it is so small, you get to talk to people around you and listen to THEIR recommendations. The 2 people in the bar which the seats surround are very friendly and can offer their ideas, also.