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Jan 18, 2012 10:44 AM

Bourbon Steak Favorites

Finally going to bourbon steak. What are your favorite items there or at the burger bar that we should get.

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  1. We're partial to the whole chicken with mac n cheese for two. Steaks will depend on your preference. If you sit at the bar ask them to give you the potato bread even though you usually just get it if you're at a table. It's the skillet bread equivalent of BLT's popovers.

    1. Every meal always starts with the awesome duck fat fries, dusted with a trio of seasonings and served with a trio of dipping sauces. I think you now have to ask for the focaccia bread even if you're at a table, though they're happy to bring it.

      Among the "classics," the tuna tartare app is excellent (available in a smaller portion at the bar, too), and an item I never thought I'd get excited about - shrimp cocktail - is really good too. The shrimp are poached in a very herb-intensive broth and actually taste like something. Another item that doesn't sound very exciting but that I really like is the mixed green salad with green goddess dressing, radishes and goat cheese. It counterbalances the steaks.

      Aside from the steaks and the classics, a lot of the other items change over every few months. In the current rotation, the sweetbreads with salsify and honeycrisp apple were excellent. So was the sweet potato agnolotti with matsutake consomme if that's still on the menu.

      If I'm getting a steak I'll usually get the American wagyu ribeye, I prefer quality over quantity and ribeye is my favorite cut. On the bar menu you can also get a 6 oz. American wagyu flatiron steak for $24, which is a great deal.

      I've never tried the whole chicken or the lobster pot pie but have always been jealous of other tables that did so.

      The basic burger on the burger / bar menu is outstanding as well, really one of the best burgers in town. Think of the trimmings that they're using in their grind.

      1. the 6oz flatiron steak is one of the best values on the menu. The burgers are great too. I also really enjoyed their foie "2 ways" app but I'm not sure they have it on the menu or a special.

        1. You can't go wrong with their burger or the wagyu flatiron on the bar menu. Gabe's specials are always a great way to play as well. I know you are a steak fan so the wagyu ribeye off the regular menu may be the call.

          1. They have a foie gras terrine special right now that is pretty incredible. Actually it's always good to listen to their specials. Chicken and mac is awesome, sides are all good. Steaks are great (even the skirt steak w/chimichurri is worthwhile). Desserts with wild blueberries. I'd never had a wild blueberry before.