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Jan 18, 2012 10:23 AM

Recs for Peruvian/Ceviche Aventura/North Miami Beach/Surfside/Hallandale/Hollywood

I am looking for a rec for Peruvian/Ceviche and do not have the time to travel down to Coral Gables/South Miami. We are in Aventura. In surfing this bord, El Gran Inka got good reviews. Somebody told me about Adrianas in Surfside. Would love to hear some 'Hounds opinions. Many thanks.

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  1. El Goyo Pollo on Dixie Highway in Hollywood has fantastic ceviche

    1. Mixtura got good reviews in northern Miami Beach (close to Surfside actually) in the relatively picky Miami Herald today. I also have heard good things by word of mouth. I'd pick that place over El Goyo Pollo, but only because El Goyo Pollo in South Beach doesn't even serve the traditional Peruvian pisco sour (kind of odd that they don't, actually considering they have other alcoholic beverages).

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        I was not happy with El Goyo on my last visit. Adrianas was good, but I didn't have the civiche there.

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          We ended up going to Adrianas which was ok, but, just. We split a tuna ceviche, a "Craziness salad" and a tuna entree. We really liked the Pisco Sours. We hit Sushi Samba last night and had the four ceviches and Peruvin corn which we really enjoyed. I saw the Mixtura review- definitely on the list.