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Jan 18, 2012 09:59 AM

Delivery pizza Garden District

Staying @ the worldmark on St. Charles Ave. - with child in-tow. Which "non-chain" pizza places will deliver? Which are best? TIA

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  1. The St. Charles Tavern has one of the best pizzas I've had in New Orleans. The crust is exactly right--not too thin, crisp, and flavorful. The Special Boudin was particularly excellent with enough topping to make it count but not so much that it was a disorganized mess. I live in the Marigny so I haven't tried delivery from there but they claim to deliver till 2:30 AM (and are open 24/7).

    Although opinions differ on this, I would shun the temptation to try Slice. They might very well sell a decent *slice* of pizza if it's been re-cooked or something but their whole pies were awful: soggy crust, too many wet ingredients (seriously guys, you're supposed to cook the green peppers first then put them on the pizza; same for mushrooms), cardboard-y tasting crust, and frankly their waitstaff weren't much better.

    Since we're talking about pizza: anyone have an opinion on the Mardi Gras Zone pizzas? I've heard here and there that they're very good (they seem to have the right ovens for pizza) but $25/pie is outrageous unless it's really, really outstanding.

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      I haven't even heard of Mardi Gras Zone pizza!

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        Mardi Gras Zone is an interesting place. It used to be really just Mardi Gras stuff, and gradually since Katrina they've morphed into a weird organic and ethnic grocery/ 24-hour convenience store/Mardi Gras store hybrid. And now for some reason they have a wood-burning pizza oven. It's worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood just to check it out.

    2. Reginelli’s- Thicker crust, fanicer toppings
      Slice- Thin crust, New York-style (no delivery)
      Theo’s- Super thin crust (no delivery)
      Italian Pie, Pepperoni’s, Fresco (ordinary pizza)
      Midway- Deep dish pizza
      New York Pizza- doesn’t taste anything like New York pizza
      Ancora- Italy-style, thin crust, fancy pies

      That’s most of the ones I can think of Uptown.

      1. Here's some nice pizza restaurants that deliver.

        Slice Pizzeria @ 1513 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 504 - 525 - 7437.

        Reginelli's Pizza @ 3244 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 504 - 895 - 7272.

        Theo's Pizza @ 4218 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 504 - 894 - 8554.

        Cafe Nino @ 1510 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 504 - 865 - 9200.

        Fresco Cafe and Pizzeria @ 7625 Maple Street, New Orleans, LA 504 - 862 - 6363.