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Jun 12, 2006 03:51 AM

persian or armenian glendale

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anyone have a list or experience of the persian and/or armenian restaurants in the glendale area?

my understanding is that there are several great places.

1. carousel-- arabic mezze

2. raffi's -- known to have the best kebobs in LA.

since i live on the west side, far from there, it is hard to
know where else to go. i heard about other places which have
unusual dishes (like the better grilled livers), but don't know the names. i think this one is on san fernando ave.

thank you in advance.

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  1. To avoid the trip all the way to Glendale, try Marouch on Santa Monica Blvd. at Edgemont(4 blks west of Vermont), for Lebanese and Armenian food done very nicely for around the last 20 years. Whether or not it satisfies your curiosity concerns can be determined by looking at their web site linked below.
    However, if in Glendale, Mandaloun at 141 S. Maryland Ave., behind Best Buy in that jungle jim shopping center, is quite good, so friends tell me.


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    1. re: carter

      i've been meaning to go to Marouch, but i hear mixed things.

      there are some lessor known places in Glendale though, not mandaloun, carousel, raffi's. more like home cooking.
      but i don't know the names.

      thank you

    2. The Shamshiri in Glendale is good. Good kabobs, tahdig, and they have some interesting stews.

      1. I think Elena's kabobs are better than Raffi's, especially the lamb and chicken.

        Elena Greek Armenian Cuisine
        1000 S Glendale Ave, North of Chevy Chase
        Glendale 91205

        Carnival in Sherman Oaks has chicken and lamb livers but I've never had them:

        Carnival Restaurant
        4356 Woodman Ave, near Ventura
        Sherman Oaks 91423

        In Hollywood, try Sahag's Bastuma:

        Sahags Basturma Sandwich Shop
        5183 W Sunset Blvd
        Los Angeles 90027

        lamb hearts and lungs at Old Gyumri:

        Old Gyumri
        4441 San Fernando Rd
        Glendale 91204

        Hatsatoun Gourmet Restaurant
        1120 N Pacific Ave #6
        Glendale 91202

        on the Westside Sunnin Lebanese is very good:

        Sunnin Lebanese Cafe
        1779 Westwood Blvd, North of Santa Monica Blvd
        Los Angeles 90024

        The Westside or SFV probably have more true Persian restaurants.

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        1. re: badseed

          i think it is the place with lamb hearts that i'm looking for. a clarification, is this a ma and pa style restaurant? backgammon players too?

          this was the information i was looking for. thank you

          1. re: epop

            I don't think this is the place but it's worth checking out.

          2. re: badseed

            I second Elena's! Chicken shish!

          3. We really like Raffi's. I like their beef steak/tenderloin type kebabs, while Hubby likes their lamb. Try their hummus too - it's very good.

            1. Moon Mart Kabab at 400 S Glendale, Glendale is excellent! It's our favorite. Works even better with 4 people to share samplings of the side dishes - all delicious. Small place tucked in a mini-mall, parking avail at lower level if the small upper lot is full, no alcohol. Don't be deterred by people smoking at the tables outside the front door. Inside is usually quiet, not that busy when we have been there, and they will close the front door if smoke is a problem. There is usually one server but he is efficient and always polite.